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Verbs 'Liegen' And 'Sehen'

Saturday May 31, 2014

Check out our newest verb additions to our list. Complete with conjugation and expressions.

See liegen and sehen.

Hinz Und Kunz

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Crowd Have you ever met someone named Hinz? How about Kunz? Actually you probably have and both at the same time as they are never separated. Can't remember? Then let me introduce them to you....

See Hinz und Kunz..

German News

Monday May 19, 2014

Most people read, watch or listen to the news. As a language learner maybe you have shyed away from listening or reading the news in German due to its more complex and jargon-filled vocabulary. If that is so, let me introduce you to an excellent online and free resource - die Deutsche Welle. Thanks to die Deutsche Welle, many German learners have benefited not only from its excellent news coverage, but the German language activities that are linked to it as well.  For example, those of you who find that reading the German news is currently beyond your comprehension level, you have excellent options to consider:  DW news can also be read in over 30 other languages, so you could go back and forth between German and your native language or even better, you can listen to a slowed-down version of DW news (google "langsam gesprochene Nachrichten" in die DW website). Plus, DW has an extensive media vocabulary glossary on its site.
Of course if you are a more advanced learner, there are numerous other German news websites and newspapers that are intended for Germans that are excellent as well. See German Media for a listing of popular German newspapers and news magazines both online and in print.

Beleidigte Leberwurst

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Leberwurst Photo@Wiki
This is one of those expressions that you wonder why it has remained in the German language throughout all these years, as it is pretty odd. Read more about what
die beleidigte Leberwurst means and its history.


More German Adjectives You Need To Know

Wednesday May 7, 2014

And here are more adjectives you need to know in German.

Bis In Die Puppen

Thursday May 1, 2014


Till in the dolls? This is one of those expressions that makes absolutely no sense unless you know where it came from. For this one we need to take a journey to Berlin.

Adjectives You Need To Know A-F

Thursday May 1, 2014

See how many of these adjectives you already know, then learn the rest.

Verb of The Week

Wednesday April 30, 2014

What's the difference between...

Ich soll mehr Deutsch sprechen.


Ich sollte mehr Deutsch sprechen.

Check out the verb of the week - sollen - to find out!

Expressing Your Opinion

Tuesday April 29, 2014

Expressing your opinion is always so important. However not being able to state it affirmatively does not make it very convincing. In this glossary you will find several ways to express your agreement and disagreement, as well as asking somebody for their opinion, all in a well-phrased manner.

Sonnabend or Samstag?

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Samstag is the more commonly used word for Saturday in German, however some Germans use Sonnabend as well. See why : Should you say Samstag or Sonnabend?

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