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European Mountains
Berge in Europa

Europe's tallest mountains and mountain ranges

The following chart indicates the German and English names for some of Europe's tallest peaks and mountain ranges. Germany's tallest mountain, the 9,720-foot Zugspitze, is a mere hill compared to most of the many taller Alpine peaks. Both Austria and Switzerland have mountains that reach over 12,000 feet. For world mountains not listed below, see World Mountains in German.

European Mountains (Berge)
Ranked by Height
Deutsch English Höhe Height
Land Country
der Mont Blanc Mont Blanc
Highest peak in the Alps
4807 m 15,771 ft
Frankreich/Italien France/Italy
der Monte Rosa
die Dufourspitze
Monte Rosa
(Mount Rose)
Dufourspitze (Web link)
4637 m 15,203 ft
Schweiz Switz.
der Dom (Web link) Dom ("cathedral") 4545 m 14,911 ft
Schweiz Switz.
der Liskamm Liskamm 4527 m 14,852 ft
Italien, Schweiz
Italy, Switz.
das Weißhorn Weisshorn 4505 m 14,780 ft
Schweiz Switz.
das Taschhorn Taschhorn 4490 m 14,733 ft
Schweiz Switz.
das Matterhorn Matterhorn 4478 m 14,690 ft
Italien, Schweiz
Italy, Switz.
  The rest of the tallest mountains in the Alps (over 4000 m/13,000 ft) are all in Switzerland. Besides those listed above, there are about 40 peaks in this category.
der Großglockner Grossglockner
Highest peak in Austria
3798 m 12,457 ft
Österreich Austria
der Großvenediger (Web link) Grossvenediger 3674 m 12,054 ft
Österreich Austria
die Zugspitze Zugspitze
Highest in Germany
2962 m 9,720 ft
Oberbayern Upper Bavaria
der Watzmann Watzmann
2nd highest in Germany
2713 m 8,899 ft
Oberbayern Upper Bavaria
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Mountain Ranges (Gebirge)
Europa • Alphabetisch
Deutsch English Lage Location
die Alpen the Alps Europa Europe
die Hohen Tauern Hohe Tauern
(Upper Tauern)
die Dolomiten Dolomites Südtirol
S. Tyrol
das Erzgebirge Erzgebirge Ostdeutschland Eastern Germany
der Harz Harz Mountains Deutschland
der Jura Jura Mountains Deutschland, Frankreich
Germany, France
der Schwarzwald Black Forest
parallels the Vosges range on opposite side of the Rhine
SW Germany
das Wettersteingebirge Wetterstein Range
Southern Bavaria, N. Austria
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