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World Rivers

Flüsse der Welt

The world’s longest rivers

The following chart indicates the German and English names for some of the world's longest rivers. Note that all river names are either masculine (der) or feminine (die) — never neuter.

How do you decide whether a river name is masculine or feminine? You don't. As with any other German noun, you must learn the name with its gender. However, one guideline can be helpful. Most (but not all) rivers outside of Europe are masculine. But rivers in Germany and Europe can be either gender: der Rhein (Rhine), die Donau (Danube), der Main (Main), die Themse (Thames). For German rivers, see More Rivers in German.

Click on linked rivers to get more information and Web links.

World Rivers (Flüsse)
Selected Rivers Ranked by Length
Deutsch English (Location) Länge Length
der Nil Nile (Africa) 6671 km 4160 mi
der Amazonas Amazon (S. America) 6437 km 3997 mi
der Chang Jiang
(Jangtse, Jangtsekiang)
Chang (Asia)
5472 km 3398 mi
der Huang He
(Huang Ho)
Huang (Asia)
4667 km 2898 mi
der Kongo Congo (Africa) 4374 km 2716 mi
der Amur Amur (Asia) 4345 km 2698 mi
der Niger Niger (Africa) 4184 km 2598 mi
der Mississippi Mississippi (N. America) 3778 km 2346 mi
der Missouri Missouri (N. America) 3726 km 2315 mi
die Wolga Volga (Europe)
Europe's longest river
3685 km 2288 mi
der Yukon Yukon (N. America) 3185 km 1979 mi
der Rio Grande Rio Grande (N. America) 3034 km 1885 mi
die Donau Danube (Europe) 2858 km 1775 mi
der Darling Darling (Australia) 2740 km 1702 mi
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