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Facts in German
Tatsachen auf Deutsch

An Almanac in German and English

Chemistry - Geography - History - German Grammar

Chemie | Geografie | Geschichte | Grammatik

Contents - Inhalt


Chemical Elements - Chemische Elemente
A complete German-English table of the 112 known chemical elements - with their symbols and atomic weights (Ordnungszahlen). All but six are neuter (das)!


Austria Today - Österreich
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Austria, its geography, and its recent history.

Cities: Städte der Welt
An English-German glossary of 30+ cities around the globe that have different names in German and English.

Germany Today - Deutschland heute
Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary Germany, its geography, and its recent history.

Inventions: Erfinder und Erfindungen
Inventors and inventions from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Includes an English-German glossary of technology and inventions.

Mountains: Berge der Welt
Some of the earth's highest peaks and mountain ranges in German and English, with heights and location.

Rivers: Flüsse der Welt
A German-English glossary of selected rivers around the world, ranked by length - with their genders.


History - Geschichte
German and world history in German and English - with timelines.


German Verb Index
An index of over 500 German verbs, many with full conjugations.

Top 20 der deutschen Verben
An annotated German-English list of the most frequently used verbs in German, many with links to their full conjugations.

More German Grammar
A guide to German grammar, divided up by category.

About the Almanac
An introduction to our German almanac.

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