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German Abbreviations G-J

Deutsche Abkürzungen

German Abbreviations from AA to z.Z.

German - English

The following abbreviations are commonly found in German reading (books, letters, periodicals, business documents, etc.) and sometimes in conversation. In most cases, this glossary does not include German abbreviations that are identical or similar to English abbreviations (e.g., BMW, BSE, VW, etc.), although the German pronunciation may be different. (Audio files of some of these can be found on our Abc-Quiz page.) For other types of abbreviations and acronyms in German, also see the other pages and links below.

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Abkürzung German English
g Gramm gram, grams
geb. geboren, geborene born, nee
Gebr. Gebrüder Bros., brothers
gedr. gedruckt printed
gegr. gegründet established, founded
gek. gekürzt abridged
Ges. Gesellschaft association, company, society
gesch. geschieden divorced
gest. gestorben died, deceased
GEW Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft German teachers union
gez. gezeichnet signed (with signature)
GEZ Die Gebühreneinzugszentrale der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland German agency responsible for collecting mandatory fees (17 €/month per TV set) for public TV and radio (ARD/ZDF)
ggf./ggfs. gegebenfalls if applicable, if required
GmbH Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung Inc., Ltd. (limited liability co.)
GUS Gemeinschaft Unabhängiger Staaten Russian Confed. of Indep. States (CIS)
ha Hektar hectare(s)
  NOTE: 1 Hektar = 2.471 acres
Hbf. Hauptbahnhof main train station
  NOTE: Larger cities may have more than one station. The main one in Munich, for example, is labeled München-Hbf. to distinguish it from München-Ost (Ostbahnhof, east station) or other train stations in Munich.
HH Hansestadt Hamburg Hanseatic (League) Hamburg
HNO Hals Nase Ohren ENT = ears, nose, throat
H+M Hennes & Mauritz a clothing store chain
  Also see: German Brand Names & Abbreviations
HP Halbpension room with breakfast only, half board
hpts. hauptsächlich mainly
Hptst. Hauptstadt capital city
Hr./Hrn. Herr/Herrn Mr.
Hrsg. Herausgeber editor, edited by
HTBLuVA Höhere Technische Bundes-Lehr- und -Versuchsanstalt technical school with testing facilities (Austria)
HTL Höhere Technische Lehranstalt technical school (Austria, ages 14-18)
i.A. im Auftrag per, as per
i.b. im besonderen in particular
i.B. im Breisgau in Breisgau
  Freiburg i.B. - Freiburg in southwest Germany, as opposed to Freiburg in Switzerland (Fribourg) or other Freiburgs.
IC Intercityzug intercity train
ICE Intercity-Expresszug Ger. high-speed train
i.H. im Hause in-house, on the premises
IHK Industrie- und Handelskammer Chamber of Industry & Commerce
i.J. im Jahre in the year
IM inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (der Stasi) "unoffical collaborator" who spied for the Stasi in East Germany
Ing. Ingnieur engineer (title)
Inh. Inhaber owner, proprietor
Inh. Inhalt contents
inkl. inklusive incl., including, inclusive of
IOK Internationales Olympisches Komitee IOC, Intl. Olympic Committee
i.R. im Ruhestand ret., retired
i.V. in Vertretung by proxy, on behalf of
i.V. in Vorbereitung in preparation
i.V. im Vorjahr in the previous year
IWF Internationale Währungsfonds IMF, Intl. Monetary Fund
jew. jeweils each, each of, each time
Jh. Jahrhundert century
JH Jugendherberge youth hostel
jhrl. jährlich annual(ly), yearly
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