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German Brand Names:
Abbreviations and Acronyms

Deutsche Firmennamen - Abkürzungen und Akronyme

Brand Name Abbreviations and Acronyms - Part 2
G e r m a n - E n g l i s h

SPAR  SPAR is a familiar brand in Germany,
  but it isn't a German company!

See the Inroduction to this special glossary in Part 1.

Also see our A-Z List of German Companies with Web links.

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Marke German Explanation
KaDeWe Kaufhaus des Westens "Department Store of the West," a Berlin shopping landmark owned by Karstadt AG
Kaffee HAG Kaffee-Handels-
German coffee brand from HAG, a division of Kraft Foods
KaVo Kaltenbach & Voigt Founded 1909 in Germany - an international leader in dental technology. On your last trip to the dentist you may have experienced a KaVo drill!
Leica Leitz-Camera From Ernst Leitz, the founder of the three companies now under the Leica name
LTU Lufttransport-
"Air transport concern" - a German airline
Maggi Julius Maggi Food firm named for its founder
MAN Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg German truck and heavy equipment manufacturer
Melitta Melitta Bentz German inventor of the paper coffee filter
Milka Milch + Kakao German chocolate brand (Kraft Foods)
Nivea niveus (Lat., snow-white) The German Beiersdorf firm named its white face cream around 1911
Nutella nut + ella (Ital. suffix for small) A popular nut cream brand name created in 1964 by the Italian Ferrero company when its product went international
Odol odus (Greek, tooth) + oleum (Lat., oil) German mouthwash (Mundwasser) brand (GlaxoSmithKline)
Osram Osmium + Wolfram (tungsten) German lightbulb brand named for two filament metals
Persil Perborat + Silikat German detergent named for two of its ingredients; a product of Henkel Wasch- und Reinigungsmittel GmbH, founded by Fritz Henkel in 1876
Rama Rahm (cream) + Margarine German margarine brand, originally "Rahma"
REWE Revisionsverband Westkauf-Genossenchaft German holding company primarily known for its grocery stores (Penny, miniMAL, REWE) and food brands
Rowenta Robert Weintraud German appliance company renamed in 1909 for its founder (Weintraud & Co., 1884)
SAP Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte
(systems, applications, products)
Computer programming firm with headquarters in Walldorf, Germany - Slogan: "The best-run businesses run SAP"
Sinalco sine (Lat., without) Alcohol A German cola brand
SPAR samenwerken profiteren allen regelmatig (Dutch, "cooperation profits all regularly") This Dutch grocery store chain's logo is a green fir tree, de spar in Dutch; in German, sparen is "to save" - the first German SPAR store opened in Munich in 1952
Tesa Elsa Tesmer German brand name formed from a company secretary's name (in reverse); tape products, etc.
TUI Touristik Union International German air charter and package tour company
UFA Universum Film AG German video, TV, and film distributor/producer that originally competed with Hollywood as Germany's largest movie studio in the 1920s
Varta Vertrieb, Aufladung und Reparatur transportabler Akkumulatoren German battery brand
VIAG Vereinigte Industrie-
Unternehmungen AG
"united industry concern, Inc."
German energy and telecom firm that is now part of e.on (merger of VEBA and VIAG)
VW Volkswagen The "people's car" company, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany
Zewa Zellenstoff Waldhof/Mannheim German paper products firm (Softis, Wisch & Weg, etc.)


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