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Æon Flux in Berlin

Berlin Locations - Drehorte

A Guide to the Berlin Locations
Seen in Aeon Flux

Ein Berlin der Zukunft (A Berlin of the Future)

Aeon Flux DVD
Æon Flux, 2005
Color, 92 minutes
US Film Rating: PG-13
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Aeon Flux (or Æon Flux) is one of several Hollywood motion pictures shot in Berlin during the last decade or so. Since the Wall came down, the German capital and the modern filmmaking facilities of Studio Babelsberg, the former UFA studios southwest of Berlin near Potsdam, have been drawing major Hollywood and other cinematic productions. (See Films Shot in Berlin.) As we previously detailed in 'Bourne' in Berlin, the capital city has long been a popular location for Hollywood and international film productions. Like the spy thriller The Bourne Supremacy, Aeon Flux was filmed in and around Berlin, but rather than the contemporary Berlin seen in Supremacy, the sci-fi production starring Charlize Theron used many of Berlin's architectural attractions as the setting for the city of Bragna in the year 2415. Many of these striking Berlin sites had never previously been seen in a feature film.

Æon Flux took a lot of flak from critics. Although this page is not a review of the film, I want to point out that I personally thought it was a much better motion picture than some critics did. Yes, it can seem a bit derivative, with similarities to The Island and some other recent sci-fi films. Yes, it has its flaws, but I think the Æon Flux filmmakers and Charlize Theron haven't been given enough credit. Believe me, there are many films out there that are far worse. I enjoyed Æon Flux. - Okay, now let's move on to Berlin.

Aeon Flux BerlinAeon Flux's apartment complex.
Do you know which Berlin building
this is? Find the answer in Part 2.
Foto: Paramount Pictures

From Brasilia to Berlin
Although Aeon Flux director Karyn Kusama and the film's producers originally thought they would shoot in the modernistic Brazilian capital of Brasilia, they soon decided on Germany instead. Berlin offered several advantages. One was excellent film facilities with experienced crew members. Another equally important consideration was the city's vast array of architectural attractions, old and new, that offered interesting, ready-made settings for the movie's futuristic city.

DVD Special Feature: "Locations"
Although the Aeon Flux "Collector's Edition" DVD has a 15-minute featurette entitled "The Locations of Aeon Flux," I found it disappointing. While it shows and discusses several key Berlin locations seen in the film, it offers only tantalizing glimpses of others without bothering to name them. Even a Berlin architectural landmark such as the Bauhaus Archive, designed by Walter Gropius in 1964, is on screen for just seconds in the "Locations" segment. Only by listening to the DVD's optional (and somewhat dull) commentary with Charlize Theron and producer Gale Anne Hurd will you learn anything about the Bauhaus and some other film locations, including the Mexican Embassy and the Velodrom in Berlin.

That's why we have made a list of most of the Berlin sites and architectural gems used in the filming of Aeon Flux. What the DVD should have provided, you can now find on the next page! Who knew that an animal shelter could look so cool!

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