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Names of the Books of the Bible
in English and German
- Alphabetical

GERMAN BIBLE > Intro, Part 2, Prayers, Glossary, Christmas

Many of the names of the books of the Bible are very similar or identical in German and English, but a few are not that obvious. Below you'll find all of the names of the books of the Old and New Testaments listed in alphabetical order (English-German).

For the full names of the books, see the Old and New Testament listings.

Books of the Bible
Alphabetical - Alphabetisch

   AT = Altes Testament (Old Testament)
   NT = Neues Testament (New Testament)

Acts - Apostelgeschichte NT
Amos - Amos AT
Chronicles - Chronik AT
Colossians - Kolosser NT
Corinthians - Korinther NT
Daniel - Daniel AT
Deuteronomy - 5 Mose AT
Ecclesiastes - Prediger AT
Ephesians - Epheser NT
Esther - Ester AT
Exodus - 2 Mose AT
Ezekiel - Hesekiel AT
Ezra - Esra AT

Galatians - Galater NT
Genesis - 1 Mose AT
Habakkuk - Habakuk AT
Haggai - Haggai AT
Hebrews - Hebräer NT
Hosea - Hosea AT
Isaiah - Jesaja AT
James - Jakobus NT
Jeremiah - Jeremia xT
Job - Hiob AT
Joel - Joel AT
John - Johannes NT
Jonah - Jona AT
Joshua - Josua AT
Jude - Judas NT
Judges - Richter AT

Kings - Könige AT
Lamentations - Klagelieder AT
Leviticus - 3 Mose AT
Luke - Lukas NT
Malachi - Maleachi AT
Mark - Markus NT
Matthew - Matthäus NT
Micah - Mica AT
Nahum - Nahum AT
Nehemiah - Nehemia xT
Numbers - 4 Mose AT

Obadiah - Obadja AT
Peter - Petrus NT
Philemon - Philemon NT
Philippians - Philipper NT
Proverbs - Prüche AT
Psalms - Psalm AT
Revelation - Offenbarung NT
Romans - Römer NT
Ruth - Rut AT
Song of Solomon - Hohelied AT
Thessalonians - Thessalonicher NT
Timothy - Timotheus NT
Titus - Titus NT
Zechariah - Sacharja AT
Zephaniah - Zephanja AT

  MORE > Books - Old Testament

  MORE > Books - New Testament

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