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BOURNE in Berlin

The Bourne Supremacy

A Guide to the Berlin Locations
Seen in The Bourne Supremacy

Berlin, GermanyMatt DamonFranka Potente

The Bourne Supremacy
Color, 109 minutes
US Film Rating: PG-13

DVD Chapter List: Berlin Scene-by-Scene

Berlin ist eine Reise wert (Berlin's worth a trip)

Bourne Supr DVD BERLIN has always been a popular location for Hollywood and international film productions. Especially during the Cold War era, West Berlin was home to spy films like the Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) thriller Funeral in Berlin (1966) and The Quiller Memorandum (1966) with Alec Guiness and George Segal. More recently, Wings of Desire (1982) and Lola rennt (1999, Run Lola Run) featured Berlin locations to wonderful effect. The Bourne Supremacy pays homage to the old Berlin spy movies by sending Jason Bourne to the German Hauptstadt (capital).

Some of the old Berlin spy movies (notably The Spy Who Came in from the Cold) were set in part in Berlin, but not actually filmed there. Not only was The Bourne Supremacy filmed in and around Berlin, but even some of the scenes in non-Berlin locations (Naples, Munich, Amsterdam) were filmed in Berlin or nearby Potsdam. The modern filmmaking facilities of Studio Babelsberg, the former UFA studios near Potsdam, were also used for the Supremacy production.

Shaky Berlin
Before we get into the Berlin locations, I'd like to get one big complaint off my chest. Why do some filmmakers today seem to think that bad home-movie camerawork is cool? Yes, I understand the whole amnesia, disorientation theme in the Bourne films. But director Paul Greengrass and cinematographer Oliver Wood overdo it to the point that many Berlin scenes might as well have been shot on a Hollywood studio set, for all we see of the German capital city in Supremacy. The frenetic, shaky-camera photography/editing zooms through Berlin like a ricocheting bullet. Sometimes we filmgoers would actually like to SEE what's going on and have a sense of place, not get just a brief glimpse or impression. Greengrass and his ilk seem to have spent too much time watching music videos.

Okay, I feel better now. Let's move on. Thanks to the "Pause" feature on a DVD player, it was possible to isolate and identify a few key Bourne Supremacy locations.

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Berlin bleibt Berlin (Berlin remains Berlin)
When Jason Bourne drives into Berlin, we see him driving north on the 115 (Avus) Autobahn in Berlin-Charlottenburg (photo below), within sight of the historic Funkturm (radio tower, completed 1926). But before actor Matt Damon gets to Berlin in the movie, Berlin has already served as a double for other places. Film scenes set in Naples, Munich, and Amsterdam were actually filmed in and around Berlin. Some of the later Moscow scenes in The Bourne Supremacy were also filmed in Berlin. You can read the details on the Berlin Scene-by-Scene pages and on the Bourne photo pages that follow.

Bourne Foto 1 BERLIN - Bourne takes the 115 (Avus) Autobahn past Berlin's ICC convention center and the radio tower.
DVD Chapter 10
MAP > Berliner Stadtplan

Foto © Universal Studios

NOTE: All the BOURNE SUPREMACY facts and photos in this film guide are intended for educational purposes only. The copyright for all still images from the movie belongs to Universal Studios.

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DVD Chapter List > Berlin Scene-by-Scene

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