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The Four German Cases

Genitive Prepositions

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Präpositionen mit Genitiv

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A few German prepositions are governed by the genitive case. That is, they take an object in the genitive case. There are only a few common genitive prepositions* in German, including: (an)statt (instead of), außerhalb/innerhalb (outside/inside of), trotz (in spite of), während (during) and wegen (because of). Notice that most of the time the genitive prepositions can be translated with "of" in English. Even während can be rendered as "in the course of" as well as "during."

* Other genitive prepositions in addition to those listed above include: angesichts (in view of), beiderseits (on both sides of), diesseits (this side of), jenseits (on the other side of), and laut (according to).

The genitive prepositions are often used with the dative in spoken German, particularly in certain regions. If you want to "blend in" and not sound too stuffy, you can use them in the dative also, but purists will want to learn the genitive forms.

In the German-English examples below, the genitive preposition is red. The object of the preposition is blue:

Während der Woche arbeiten wir.
During the week we work.
Trotz des Wetters fahren wir heute nach Hause.
In spite of the weather we're driving home today.

Here is a list of common genitive prepositions. You should memorize them with their meanings.

Genitive Prepositions
Deutsch Englisch
instead of
außerhalb outside of
innerhalb inside of
trotz despite, in spite of
während during, in the course of
wegen because of
NOTE: The genitive prepositions listed above are often used with the dative in spoken German, particularly in certain regions. Examples:
   trotz dem Wetter - in spite of the weather
   während der Woche - during the week (same as genitive)
   wegen den Kosten - because of the costs

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