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Christmas - Weihnachten

Christmas Links in German

Advent | Deutschland | Österreich | Schweiz | Kochrezepte

Christmas graphics courtesy Brigitte Haag

"Leise rieselt der Schnee,
still und starr ruht der See.
Weihnachtlich glänzet der Wald:
Freue dich, Christkind kommt bald!"

Text: Eduard Ebel. Sung to a traditional folk melody.

Note: Some of the Web links on this page may only function during the Christmas season.

Christmas Contents
Our list of all the Christmas pages here at our site.

An Austrian Christmas

Christkindlmarkt - Austria
Wiener Adventzauber! Vienna's Christmas market takes place in front of the city hall. In German or English.

Postamt Christkindl, Oberösterreich
The post office in Christkindl bei Steyr in Upper Austria offers special Christmas stamps and postmarks for Christmas-sort of the "North Pole" of Austria. Also available in English. Try their free postcard service-not a virtual postcard, a real one!

Silent Night and Local Heritage Museum - Oberndorf
This Web site-in English and German-and the museum are located in Oberndorf, Austria, the home of the "Silent Night" ("Stille Nacht") carol. Features some information not available anywhere else about the world's most famous Christmas carol and interesting links from the museum and the Silent Night Association.

Übersichtsplan der Krippenregion Steyr-Garsten-Christkindl
View pictures and read about various nativity scenes in the Austrian Steyr-Garsten region, including Das Steyrer Kripperl.

Stille Nacht
The story of "Silent Night" - in English. Includes links. From the German Way.

MORE > German Christmas Links

A German Christmas

Nuremberg's famous Christmas Market (in German or English) - In season, you can view the market via several live cams.

Engelchens Weihnachtsmarkt
One of the best German Christmas sites. From Wilfried Neumann.

Christmas - The German Way
The Christmas page at The German Way site offers information, pictures, and links concerning Christmas customs.

Käthe Wohlfahrts Weihnachtsdorf
There's a new Weihnachtsmuseum at the Christmas Village in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This fantastic Christmas store is open all year round! Wohlfahrt now has an American branch as well. Also in English.

Weihnachten in der Familie
Christmas is for children! A German site with carols, Christmas stories, recipes and more about a German Christmas with children.

The German North Pole (Himmelpforten).

Weihnachtsmarkt Dortmund
The Web site of the Christmas market in Dortmund.

MORE > German Christmas Links

General Christmas Sites

Christmas - Weihnachten
A very thorough Christmas links site by Robert Shea. Includes links and information about Advent. In English.

A German Christmas
A nice site by Elke (in German).

Germany Today!
Angela Lilleystone again has her annual German Christmas Page where you can LISTEN to German Christmas carols, find Christmas recipes, nutcrackers, and lots of Christmas links in German and English.

Michael Marsch's Weihnachten Seite
Try his Weihnachtsland Erzgebirge page (in German), about the home of the nutcracker. Also tons of links to Christmas sites in English and/or German.

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"Still, still, still,
weils Kindlein schlafen will!
Maria tut es niedersingen,
ihre keusche Brust darbringen,
still, still, still,
weils Kindlein schlafen will."

Traditional. From Salzburg, 1819. First verse.

German-American Christmas Sites

A German-American Christmas Calendar

Robert Shea's German-American Page (with Christmas).

A German Christmas - Contents
All of our Christmas pages and info for German.

Epiphany / Three Kings / Jan. 6 Links

By Ruth Reichmann at Robert Shea's site. Discusses the meaning of the Jan. 6 celebration and the traditions surrounding the Wise Men (Drei Könige).

Lexikon Kirche und Religion
Das Kirchenjahr - Advent, Aschermittwoch, Erntedank...

Christmas Links
More Web links in English and German from the German Way.

Christmas/Advent Links - Calendars

NOTE: Advent calendars usually run from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24.

Our own online Advent calendar with daily Christmas facts. Starts on December 1

A make-it-yourself Advent calendar from Kochatelier.de (in German).

Several online Advent calendar designs to choose from - Garten-Literatur.de

A German-American Christmas Calendar
This virtual calendar also offers music.

Christmas Recipe Links

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"Laßt uns froh und munter sein
und uns in dem Herrn erfreun.
Lustig, lustig, tra-le-ra-le-ra,
bald ist Nikolausabend da."

Traditional song from the Taunus region of Germany

Santa / Sankt Nikolaus / der Weihnachtsmann

Der Online Weihnachtsmann
Willkommen im Weihnachtsmanndorf!

Music / Carols

Christmas Carols
Enjoy both the German and English versions of Austrian and German Christmas carols - side by side. Many include information about their origins.

Frank Petersohn's German Christmas Songs
This site is also home to literally thousands of folk songs and other musical texts - including German Christmas music.

Musik zu Advent und Weihnachten
From M. Ebener (in German). Carols listed alphabetically.

Christmas Cards (E-Cards)

Christmas E-Cards in German
An assortment of free digital Weihnachtskarten.

Send a virtual card
From Nuremberg's Christkindlesmarkt. Pick one of several designs.

Postamt Christkindl, Oberösterreich
Send a postcard-not a virtual postcard, a real one-from Austria's "North Pole"! Also available in English.

MORE > German Christmas Links


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A German Christmas - Contents
All of our Christmas pages and info for German.

Christmas E-Cards in German
An assortment of free digital Weihnachtskarten.

English-German Glossaries
All of our English-German glossaries on many topics, from your Guide.

A German Christmas
Our feature on German Christmas vocabulary, from your Guide.

Christmas E-Cards
Send a free Christmas e-card from our German card shop!

Christmas - The German Way
The Christmas page at The German Way site offers information, pictures, and links concerning Christmas customs.

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