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English-German Cognates
Genuine CognatesO

Words that are identical or similar in English and German

  > False Cognates (False Friends)
  > Cognate Sound Shifts

Noun Genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Abbreviations: adj. adjective, adv. adverb, Am American English, Br British English, diff. used in a different or limited sense, f.c. false cognate, n. noun, pl. plural, pron. pronounced, v. verb

* = Less obvious cognates that may not closely resemble each other in both English and German, but are cognates
** = Words used in English that come from German

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What's a COGNATE? > Grammar Glossary: C


oasis e Oase

obelisk r Obelisk

object r Objekt
objective n. s Objektiv (lens)
objective(ly) adj./adv. objektiv
objectivity e Objektivität

obligation e Obligation
obligatory adj. obligat
obligatory obligatorisch

oboe e Oboe
oboist r Oboist

obscure(ly) obskur

observance e Observanz
observation e Observation
observatory s Observatorium
observe observieren

obsessive obsessiv

obsidian r Obsidian

obstinate obstinat

obscene(ly) obszön
obscenity e Obszenität

ocean r Ozean
   Atlantic Ocean der Atlantische Ozean/der Atlantik

ocelot r Ozelot

octagon s Oktogon, s Oktagon
octahedron s Oktaeder

octane rating e Oktanzahl

octave e Oktave

octet s Oktett

October r Oktober

Oder e Oder (river)
   For more world rivers, see: Rivers in German

Odyssey, odyssey e Odyssee

oedipal(ly) ödipal
Oedipus complex r Ödipuskomplex

officer r Offizier

official offiziell

offline offline

often oft

ohm s Ohm - named for the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1789-1854)

oil s Öl
oil industry e Ölindustrie
oily ölig

OK, okay OK, okay

old alt - See Vowel Sound Shifts (a-o)

oleander r Oleander

olive e Olive

Olympiade e Olympiade
Olympic adj. olympisch
Olympics/Olympic Games die Olympischen Spiele

Olympus r Olymp (Mount Olympus)

Oman s Oman
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

ombudsman r Ombudsmann (from Swedish)

omelette s Omelett

omen s Omen

oncology e Onkologie

online online

ontology e Ontologie

onyx r Onyx

opal r Opal


open offen - See Cognate Sound Shifts (ff-p)

opera e Oper

operate operieren (medical)
operation e Operation (medical)

operetta e Operette

opium s Opium

opposition e Opposition (astron., polit.)

optician r Optiker

optics e Optik

optimal optimal

optimist r Optimist

order n. e Ordnung
order (to rank, put in order) ordnen

organ s Organ (biol., med.)
organ e Orgel (musical)
organ bank e Organbank

organization e Organisation

orgy e Orgie

orientation e Orientierung

original(ly) adj/adv original, originell
original n. s Original

orthodox orthodox
orthodoxy e Orthodoxie

osmosis e Osmose

Ottoman adj osmanisch - See Cognate Sound Shifts (s-t)
Ottoman Empire das Osmanische Reich

out adj out (not in fashion)
out v. outen (to out someone)

oven r Ofen (stove)

ox r Ochs - See Cognate Sound Shifts

oxide s Oxid

oyster e Auster - See Vowel Sound Shifts (a-o)

ozone s Ozon

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