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German Inventions - Discoveries

Erfindungen - Entdeckungen

Inventions and Discoveries

The list below is similar to the previous list, only in chronological order. It shows German, Austrian, and Swiss inventions and discoveries by the year they appeared. To learn more about an inventor, click on any invention/name link below.

Also see: Das Technologie-Lexikon, our annotated glossary of technology with terms for famous and not-so-famous inventions.

Famous Germans > Inventors > Inventions > Technologie-Lexikon

QUIZ > Erfindungen-Quiz - Who invented it?

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Erfindungen / Inventions
Click on a name or invention for more
Erfindung - Entdeckung
Invention - Discovery
1440 Buchdruckerkunst movable type Johannes Gutenberg
1510 die Unruh balance spring (clockwork) Peter Henlein
1709 Alkoholthermometer alcohol thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
1714 Quecksilberthermometer mercury thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
1850 Geissler Röhre Geissler (flourescent) tube Heinrich Geissler
1861 Telefon telephone Philipp Reis
1867 Dynamo dynamo generator Werner von Siemens
1876 Kühlschrank ammonia refrigerator Karl von Linde
1877 Viertakt-Verbrennungsmotor four-stroke internal combustion engine Nikolaus August Otto
1884 Nipkow-Scheibe Nipkow scanning disk (TV) Paul Nipkow
1884 Allgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft (AEG) Emil Rathenau
1885 Kraftwagen automobile (Daimler-Benz) Karl Benz
1885 Kraftwagen automobile (Daimler-Benz) Gottlieb Daimler
1885 der Dieselmotor diesel engine Rudolf Diesel
1887 Grammophon, Mikrophon gramophone, microphone Emil Berliner
1888 Elektromagnetischewellen electromagnetic waves Heinrich R. Hertz
1892 Aronssche Röhre, Quecksilberdampflampe Arons tube, mercury vapor lamp Martin Leo Arons
1895 Röntgenstrahlen X-rays (discovery), Nobel Prize in Physics 1901 Wilhelm C. Röntgen
1896 Segelflugzeug glider Otto Lilienthal
1897 Braunsche Röhre cathode-ray tube
(Nobel Prize 1909)
Karl Ferdinand Braun
1899 Aspirin Aspirin®, aspirin Felix Hoffmann (Bayer AG)
1900 Neonlampe flourescent lamp Edmund Germer
1900 Zeppelin-Luftschiff rigid airship Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin
1902 Wechselstrom, Blitzforschung alternating current, lightning research Charles Proteus Steinmetz
1906 Entkoffeinierung - Decaffeination process patented Ludwig Roselius
1906 Wassermann-Test for syphilis August Paul von Wassermann
1920 Sportschuh (adidas) athletic shoe Adolf (Adi) Dassler
1920 Nobelpreis Nobel Prize, thermochemistry Walther Hermann Nernst
1928 Schwangerschaftstest first scientific pregnancy test Selmar Aschheim
1931 Elektronenmikroskop electron microscope, Nobel Prize in Physics 1986 Ernst Ruska
1939 DDT DDT Paul H. Müller
1942 V2-Rakete V2 rocket Wernher von Braun
1945 Z1-Z4-Rechner Z1-Z4 computers - The Z3 was the first programmable computer Konrad Zuse
1954 Kreiskolbenmotor rotary cylinder engine Felix Wankel
1960 Redstone-Rakete Redstone rocket (US) Wernher von Braun
1995 MP3 MPEG Level 3, Fraunhofer Inst. Karlheinz Brandenburg
Bernhard Grill
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QUIZ > Erfindungen-Quiz - Who invented it?

Famous Germans > Inventors > Inventions > Technologie-Lexikon

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