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Essential German

A One-Page Phrasebook

Basic German

with AUDIO!

Don't have time to learn German? You know you need to know a few basics, but you're a busy person. Here's some help. A one-page “phrasebook” for people in a hurry. You can print out the complete one-page version of the phrasebook.
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Common Phrases   Getting Around
yes - no - maybe
ja - nein - vielleicht
yah - nine - fee-lycht
  train - plane - car
Zug - Flugzeug - Auto
tsoog - FLOOG-tsoyk - OW-toe
Hello! - Goodbye!
Guten Tag! - Auf Wiedersehen!
GOO-ten tak - owf-VEEder-zane
  train station - airport
Bahnhof - Flughafen
BAHN-hof - FLOOG-hafen
Good morning!
Guten Morgen! GOO-ten morgen
  left - right
links - rechts linx - rechts
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At the Hotel   Food & Drink
Is breakfast included?
Mit Frühstück? mitt FRUY-stuyck
Brot/Brötchen broht/brutchen
  beer - wine - juice
Bier - Wein - Saft
beer - vine - zahft
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Dining Out   Shopping
waiter - waitress
Ober - Kellnerin
oh-ber - kellner-in
  That's cheap/expensive.
Das ist billig/teuer.
dahs ist billik/toy-er
Where's the restroom/toilet?
Wo ist die Toilette?
vo ist dee toy-LETa
  department store - grocery store
Kaufhaus - Lebensmittelgeschäft
kowf-house - -ge-sheft
ALSO SEE: Food and Dining   ALSO SEE: Money & the Euro

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