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English-German Glossary

Die Familie - The Family

Talking about family and relations

An annotated English-German Glossary

In this glossary you'll find vocabulary related to the family and relatives. It is related to Lesson 9 of our free online course, German for Beginners. Although some genealogical terms are included, you should see our Genealogy Glossary for more extensive vocabulary for that topic.

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The Family - die Familie
An annotated English-German glossary
Englisch Deutsch
ancestor - ancestors der Vorfahre/die Vorfahrin - die Vorfahren
aunt - aunts die Tante - die Tanten
baby - babies das Baby - die Babys
blended family (-ies) die Fortsetzungsfamilie (-n)
Blended family: i.e., a continuing family, serial family, a family with children from a previous marriage.
boy - boys der Junge - die Jungen
brother - brothers der Bruder - die Brüder
brother-in-law - brothers-in-law der Schwager - die Schwäger
child - children das Kind - die Kinder
"We have no children." = "Wir haben keine Kinder."
"We have three children." = "Wir haben drei Kinder."
cousin (f.) - cousins die Kusine - die Kusinen
die Base (old-fashioned term)
cousin (m.) - cousins der Cousin - die Cousins
der Vetter - die Vettern
dad - dads der Vati - die Vatis
daughter - daughters die Tochter - die Töchter
daughter-in-law - daughters-in-law die Schwiegertochter - die Schwiegertöchter
family - families die Familie - die Familien
family tree - family trees der Stammbaum - die Stammbäume
die Stammtafel - die Stammtafeln
die Ahnentafel - die Ahnentafeln
father - fathers der Vater - die Väter
forefather - forefathers der Vorfahre/die Vorfahrin - die Vorfahren
genealogy die Genealogie
die Ahnenforschung
Also see our Genealogy Glossary.
This glossary is related to Lesson 9 of our free online course: German for Beginners
girl - girls das Mädchen - die Mädchen
Mädchen, like all German nouns ending in -chen or -lein, is neuter even though it means "girl." A similar example would das Fräulein, miss, unmarried woman.
For more on noun gender, see German Gender Hints.
grandchild - grandchildren das Enkelkind - die Enkelkinder
granddaughter - granddaughters die Enkelin - die Enkelinnen
die Enkeltochter - die Enkeltöchter
grandfather - grandfathers der Großvater - die Großväter
grandmother - grandmothers die Großmutter - die Großmütter
grandma/granny - grandmas die Oma - die Omas
grandpa/gramps - grandpas der Opa - die Opas
grandparents die Großeltern (Pl.)
grandson - grandsons der Enkel - die Enkel
der Enkelsohn - die Enkelsöhne
greatgrandfather(s) der Urgroßvater (-väter)
great- (prefix) Ur- (as in Urgroßmutter)
half brother - half brothers der Halbbruder - die Halbbrüder
half sister - half sisters die Halbschwester - die Halbschwestern
husband der Mann, Ehemann
die (Ehe)Männer (Pl.)
Also see Lesson 9 of our online course: German for Beginners
and our Genealogy Glossary.

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