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German Language FAQ Menu
Frequently Asked Questions
About Learning German

This FAQ menu page leads to frequently asked questions and advice about learning German. Find answers related to typing German text on your computer, viewing streamed German audio/video on the Web, learning German grammar and vocaulary, or setting the DVD region codes on your computer.

Main German FAQ Menu


German Characters FAQ
Help with typing German on a North American computer keyboard, or working with foreign keyboards.

German Forum FAQs
FAQs on German grammar, vocabulary and German studies - from our German Forum.

Germanic Genealogy FAQs
Help for tracing your Germanic roots.

Streaming Audio/Video FAQ
How to listen to German TV and radio on the Web.

Tutor Directory FAQ
How to to find a tutor of German or get listed as a tutor.


The Best Films for German-Learners
What are the best movies in German or English for someone who is learning German? See the results of our poll.

DVD Codes
The regional codes for watching DVDs in German. Part of our guide to the DVD video format for German-learners.

DVD Code Solutions
If it's legal to switch DVD region codes (and it is), then why is it so darn difficult to do?

DVD Details
Why German-learners should switch from VHS to DVD. An article from your Guide.

DVD: How To Switch Region Codes
A detailed how-to by your Guide, based on his personal experience in switching the region codes on a laptop with a DVD drive.

Der Euro
Euro facts, figures and a euro timeline. All about Europe's new currency - in both German and English.

How to Follow the News in German
Tips and strategies that even beginners can use to follow the news in authentic German.

How to Tell Time in German
Tips and strategies for telling time in German.

How to Use a German Dictionary
Tips and strategies for getting the most out of your English-German dictionary. Also: Short version.

German Listening Tips
Tech tips and advice, plus sources for online German listening. A supplement to our Are You Listening? article.

The German Top 1000
Which German words are most frequently used and therefore most important to learn? An introduction to the top one thousand German words for reading.

Using Authentic Language Sources on the Web
Techniques and tips (some from readers). How even beginners can use "real" German on the Web to learn the language.

Related Pages

Special Character Chart
Our Special Character Chart tells you the Alt-codes for typing special German characters, German quotation marks and more.

Can Your PC Speak German?
A detailed look at all the options for typing special German characters on an English-language keyboard.

Computer Keyboards Abroad
Where the heck is the @ sign? German and other European computer keyboards, Internet cafés and computer terms in German.

German Punctuation
An article about some important differences in German versus English punctuation.

Computer Glossary
Our annotated English-German glossary of computer terms.

German Newsletters
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German Chat


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