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German Winter Drinks

Flaming Fire Tongs Punch

Part of the New Year's Customs, the English-German New Year's Glossary and the Christmas Drink Recipes pages.

Heiße Getränke - Hot Drinks

Flaming Fire Tongs Punch

Feuerzangenbowle is a hot German New Year's or winter punch made with red wine and rum. See the New Year's Customs page for more about the story of Feuerzangenbowle. Here is our recipe for Feuerzangenbowle:

3 bottles of red wine (2-3 liters total)
2 cinnamon sticks
1-2 oranges
1-2 lemons
5 cloves

A German Zuckerhut (sugar cone)
Foto: www.cma.de

Zuckerhut/Sugar Cone (see photo)
1 German sugar cone/loaf*
1 bottle of rum

1. In a large pot or kettle filled with red wine, add cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and allspice. Cut up the oranges and lemons (optional: make peel spirals), crush fruit to release the juice, and add to the punch along with the cloves. Warm to a steaming mixture. Do not boil!
2. Place a German sugar cone (Zuckerhut, sugar loaf)* on a metal rack/screen or clamped in metal tongs above the warm punch. (Substitute sugar cubes if you can't get a Zuckerhut.) Slowly pour high-proof rum over the Zuckerhut or sugar cubes and let soak for a minute. Carefully light the Zuckerhut or sugar cubes and let the flaming sugar carmelize and drip into the punch mix. Add rum as needed to keep the flame going until the Zuckerhut process is done. Serve the punch hot in mugs or hot-tea glasses. (Note: Traditionally, Feuerzangenbowle was prepared with the Zuckerhut sitting on crossed swords atop the pot.)

*ZUCKERHUT: A German sugar cone or sugar loaf (lit. "sugar hat") is made of compressed Raffinade (refined sugar) in a cone shape. A German description of Raffinade: "Ein Zucker von höchster Reinheit und bester Qualität. Die Raffinade wird aus sehr reinen Zuckerlösungen gewonnen und entspricht hohen Ansprüchen." (A sugar of highest purity and best quality. Raffinade is made from very pure sugar solutions and meets high standards.) If you can't get the real thing, substitute sugar cubes in the recipe above.

Also see Wiener Feuerzangenbowle, another version.

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WEB > Zuckerhut and other forms of sugar (www.cma.de)

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