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National Foreign Language Week

National Foreign Language Week is observed each March in the USA. Don't keep putting off your dreams of learning a new language; this is your chance to get started with free lessons online at About.com. Here are some links to help you on your way:

Lessons:  German | English | French | Italian | Japanese | Spanish

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English (ESL)   "Spoken wherever you go"
Advanced Lessons Beginning Lessons
English Quizzes ESL Lesson Plans
Free TOEFL Resources Intermediate Lessons
    Teaching ESL Top 1000 Words

French   «La langue d'amour et de diplomatie»
Audio Lab Daily French
French For Beginners French For Kids
French Gestures French Tests
Inspiration + Fun Offline Tools
Teaching Resources Why Learn French?

German   «Die Sprache der Dichter und Denker»
Audio Lab Can Your PC Speak German?
Dog and Cat Names German for Beginners
German Grammar Reading - Lesestücke
Vocabulary - Glossaries Word of the Day

Italian   «Che bella lingua!»

Audio Lab

Hand Gestures
How To's Italian For Beginners
Italian For Children Italian Lessons
Italian Verbs Vocabulary
Word of the Day Workbook Exercises



Audio Files Japanese For Beginners
Japanese Lessons Kanji For Tattoos
Kanji Land Where Do I Begin


Spanish   «La lengua de más gente»

Advertising Blunders Forum
Irregular Verbs Lessons For Beginners
Mistakes to Avoid Other Lessons
Questions and Answers Spanish Proverbs
Top Product Picks Word of the Day


Articles about Language

Fluency: What Is It?
One of the questions that students often ask is "How long will it take me to speak this new language fluently?" Unfortunately, the answer to this question is difficult for several reasons. Read this article to learn the "what, where, when, and why" of fluency.
Is Spanish Spoken Faster than English?
Foreign languages may sound like they're spoken faster than the language you grew up learning, but that doesn't mean they are.
Italians Reject English Phrases
Members of the Italian parliament have launched a campaign against English phrases that are flooding into their culture and language.
Language Careers
Do you love the language you're learning and know that you'd like to find a job where you can use it, but find that you're not quite sure what that job might be? Read this introduction to some of the many jobs to consider.
Learning Latin on the Internet
Resources for autodidacts and other self starters. 
You get what you pay for with the free translation offered by several online sites.
Although the growing use of English words in French has resulted in numerous legal battles, that doesn't seem to be happening with Spanish.
Spanish Is Easier Than French... Not!
Many claim that Spanish is much easier to learn than French, especially when it comes to pronunciation and spelling. While there is some truth to this, there are also things in Spanish that are more difficult than French. Read this detailed comparison of the two languages and then decide if one is more difficult.
Teaching Based on Students' Needs
The art of picking and choosing your approach based on a student needs analysis. Includes an analysis of two example classes.
Not all learning methods are best for all people. Find out how you learn best, then adapt your instruction to your learning style.
Whole Brain Learning
Tips, tricks, activities and tools for the ESL EFL classroom - or any classroom - using "whole brain" techniques used in Suggestopedia, NLP, to help learners use their whole brain in an engaging and effective long term language learning experience. 
Why Your Kids Should Learn Latin
Higher Math SAT scores is one of many reasons. 

Lessons:  English | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Spanish

Articles about Language

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