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German Gender Quiz 2 - Key

German Noun Gender Hints

ANSWER KEY - This 20-item quiz was based on German for Beginners Lesson 3 and the articles Gender Hints and Noun Suffixes and Gender. You should have reviewed those lessons before attempting Gender Quiz 2.

Answer Key - German Gender Quiz 2

1. das Fräulein (miss, young lady) - RULE: Ends in -lein

2. das Bier (beer) - RULE: An exception to alcoholic beverages being masculine.

3. das Kino (cinema) - RULE: Ends in -o (Latin/Greek words; but der Euro)

4. das Fenster (window) - RULE: An exception to -er ending nouns usually masc.

5. das Jahr (year) - RULE: Just have to know it

  Yes, items 1-5 were ALL das!

6. die Luft (air) - RULE: Just have to know it

7. die Industrie (industry) - RULE: Nouns ending in -ie are usually fem.

8. der Nebel (fog) - RULE: Precipitation - fog, rain, snow - is masculine.

9. der Berg (mountain) - RULE: None, but contrast with die Burg (fortress, castle)

10. die Donau (the Danube) - RULE: Rivers are never 'das'; can be 'die' or 'der'

11. das Fernsehen (television) - RULE: Nominalized verbs are 'das' - fernsehen = to watch TV ("see far"). A TV set is der Fernseher/das Fernsehgerät.

12. der Süd(en) (the south) - RULE: All map directions are masculine.

13. der Zug (train, characteristic, draft, parade) - RULE: Mark Twain wrote: "That which Zug doesn't mean, has not yet been invented." But whatever it means, it's always masculine!

14. die Gesundheit (health) - RULE: Ends in -heit - always feminine.

15. der Mond (moon) - RULE: Planets and stars are masculine. (But the sun is die Sonne.)

16. das Tor (gate, arch) - RULE: Just have to know it; don't confuse with der Tor = fool.

17. die Festung (fort, fortress) - RULE: Ends in -ung - always fem.

18. die Boeing 747 - RULE: Aircraft and ships are feminine. (But car names are masc.)

19. die Grenze (border, limit) - RULE: Nouns ending in -e are usually feminine.

20. der BMW - RULE: Names of cars are always masc.; die BMW = BMW motorbike

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