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Germanic Genealogy

Vocabulary for Finding Your Germanic Roots

Old Occupations G-H-I - German-English Glossary

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A German-English glossary of German words referring to occupations and professions (Berufe) common in former times. Most of these words will not be found in modern German dictionaries.

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Alte Berufe: G
Gadamer/Gademer merchant, shop owner
Gadenfrau small-time merchant, shop owner (fem.)
Gadenmann small-time merchant, shop owner (masc.)
Gänder hawker, peddler, door-to-door salesman (Hausierer)
Gassenwirt bartender who can only dispense drinks (no food)
Gaulichter candlemaker (Kerzengießer)
Gehuster older, established farmhand, servant
Geis(e)ler dealer in goats, pigs, other small livestock; sometimes also a butcher
Geuchler traveling entertainer
Gewänder cloth merchant

Alte Berufe: H
Haak street merchant, peddler
Haarscherer barber, hairdresser
Hachmeister keeper of the hawks for hunting
Hafner potter, pottery maker
Halbwinner tenant farmer, lease holder
Hanteler maker of mittens
Happenmacher maker of sickles, scythes
Hasenneger stocking maker/knitter
Hausküper warehouseman, storehouse manager
Hausmann varies - from farmer to landlord

Alte Berufe: I
Illuminist illuminator (scribe) for manuscripts, books
Institor shopkeeper, grocer; junk dealer
Inventor author; inventor
Ipser house painter, whitewasher
Irher tanner (fine calf and goat leather)

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You are here:
  Contents > Names > Vocabulary > Old Occupations

WEB > Alte Berufsbezeichnungen (Ahnenforschung Andreas Karsten, in German only)

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