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German Music on CD

Austrian and German Artists

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The Sound of Music... and Lyrics > Song Lyrics > German CDs

Below you'll find links to German music on CD and to the Web sites of Austrian and German performing artists, listed in alphabetical order by artist. Also see my reviews of the Rammstein DVDs Live aus Berlin and Lichtspielhaus. Enjoy!

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German Song Lyrics
Lyrics in German and English for songs by Falco, Nena, Grönemeyer, and even the Beatles!

Austrian Artists and Groups
Falco may be the best known, but there are many others you should know about. An introduction to Austrian pop music artists with German and English lyrics for some of their songs.

Falco CD Falco Song Lyrics
Falco songs in German and English translation.

Falco CD Albums
Compare prices and order Falco CDs.

Falco - Official Site
Although Falco is with us no more, his music and this site live on. Falco songs include: "Rock Me Amadeus" and "Vienna Calling."

Fanta 4 Songs
Fanta 4 song lyrics in German and English translation.

"MfG" and the Fanta 4
An article about Die Fantastischen Vier and their song "MfG."

Die Fantastischen Vier at Laut.de
Information, CD reviews, and links.

Das Boot CD

Herbert Grönemeyer and His Music
Grönemeyer song lyrics in German and English translation.

Das Boot and director Wolfgang Petersen
Find out more about this German film, its German director, and Grönemeyer's role in it at the German-Hollywood Connection.

Grönemeyer - Willkommen @ Grönemeyer
The official page. A nice site.

Das Boot: Grönemeyer was one of the actors in the classic German antiwar film Das Boot (1982).

Kraftwerk - Official Site
This German group recorded one of the coolest albums of all time, Autobahn.

Münchener Freiheit - Official Site
A popular German group that sings mellow tunes with listenable lyrics.

Nena Homepage
The official Nena Web site.

Nena: 99 Luftballons CD
Compare prices and order this and other Nena CDs.

Prinzen CD Die Prinzen
A colorful, informative official site. Features their newest album. And don't miss the archives. (German only)

Ganz oben CD (Amazon.de)

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Using Authentic Language Sources
Make the Web work for you—beginners included!

Listening Links
Online listening. Music, radio and TV sites in German.

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Many more links and resources for German songs, artists, lyrics, etc.

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