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German Grammar

The Four German Cases

Grammar Topics > German Cases

Accusative - Dative - Genitive - Nominative

The Four German Cases
A guide to the four German noun cases: Accusative, Dative, Genitive and Nominative.

Adjective Endings (Accusative/Dative)
A guide to German adjective endings in the accusative and dative cases.

Adjective Endings (Nominative)
A guide to German adjective endings in the nominative case.

Prepositional Pitfalls
Potential problems, including cases, and how to avoid them.

Preposition Quiz 1
A test on some German words that can be dangerous: prepositions.

The Two-Way Prepositions in German
How to use the "doubtful" or accusative/dative prepositions. With Preposition Quiz 2.

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German Grammar Glossary
Grammar terms in plain English

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