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German Grammar
Spelling - Rechtschreibung

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Spelling - Capitalization - Endings - Punctuation

Das Alphabet - Das Abc
The German alphabet with exercises and sound.

Capitalization in German
About the new rules for German capitalization with a summary of the differences between English and German. Includes a German Capitalization Quiz.

German Punctuation
Although German and English punctuation are often similar, there are some important differences you should be aware of. Learn how to type those odd German quotation marks and other special characters on an English-language computer.

Letter-Writing: Business
A guide to writing business letters in German.

Letter-Writing: Personal
A guide to writing personal letters or cards in German.

Spelling Reform - Double-s Words
A look at one aspect of German spelling reform: to ß or to ss, that is the question.

Spelling Reform Hits the Newsstand
The German media began using die neue Rechtschreibung on Aug. 1, 1999. What does it mean for German-learners?

Die Reform der Reform: Spelling Reform - Again!
When one of Germany's leading newspapers went back to the old spelling a year after adopting the new reforms, there was both praise and scorn!

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