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German Grammar Glossary
English and German Grammar Terms
Explained in Plain English


HOW TO USE THIS GLOSSARY: Each grammar term is listed alphabetically in English, along with its German equivalent (often Latin-based) and in some cases the Germanic term. Words in ALL CAPS refer to terms that are also defined in this glossary. Noun gender is indicated by r (der), e (die), or s (das). Most entries have a link to a related lesson or grammar guide.

German Grammar Glossary
Deutsches Grammatik-Lexikon
  English   Deutsch   Explanation
ACCUSATIVE r Akkusativ
r Wenfall
  The DIRECT OBJECT case in German. > German Cases
e Tatform
  As opposed to the PASSIVE, the VOICE or form of a verb whose subject is the AGENT or cause of the verb's action. > Passive Voice
ADJECTIVE s Adjektiv
s Eigenschaftswort
  A word or phrase that modifies or describes a noun. When a German adjective precedes a noun, it must have an ending that agrees in NUMBER, GENDER and CASE. > Adjective Endings
ADVERB s Adverb
s Umstandswort
  A word or phrase that modifies a verb or an adjective, telling how, where, why, or when. > Adverbs of Time
AGENT s Agens   A person or thing (noun) that performs an action or brings about a result.
AGREEMENT e Übereinstimmung   When a word agrees with another in gender, case, person, or some other category. For instance, adjectives must agree with nouns in GENDER and CASE.
ANTECEDENT s Bezugswort   The noun to which a RELATIVE PRONOUN refers in a RELATIVE CLAUSE. > Relative Clauses
APPOSITION e Apposition
r Beisatz
  Placing a word next to or near another word of the same meaning or function.
ARTICLE r Artikel
s Geschlechtswort
  A word (a/an/the) that indicates the GENDER of a NOUN. Articles can be DEFINITE (the) or INDEFINITE (a/an). > Gender Hints
AUXILIARY VERB s Hilfsverb   A verb that "helps" or is used with another verb, usually haben or sein in COMPOUND TENSES. > German Verbs


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