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German Grammar Glossary
English and German Grammar Terms
Explained in Plain English


HOW TO USE THIS GLOSSARY: Each grammar term is listed alphabetically in English, along with its German equivalent (often Latin-based) and in some cases the Germanic term. Words in ALL CAPS refer to terms that are also defined in this glossary. Noun gender is indicated by r (der), e (die), or s (das). Most entries have a link to a related lesson or grammar guide.

German Grammar Glossary
Deutsches Grammatik-Lexikon
  English   Deutsch   Explanation
GENDER s Genus
s Geschlecht
  In addition to the natural gender for persons and PERSONAL PRONOUNS, German has three genders for nouns: MASCULINE (der), FEMININE (die), and NEUTER (das). You must learn the gender of each noun. > Gender Hints
GENITIVE s Genitiv
r Wesfall
  The POSSESSIVE case in German. The genitive is most often seen in the form of an ARTICLE in that case. For instance, des (a form of das or der) means "of the." > German Cases
GERUND s Gerundium   In English, a verbal noun ending in -ing (smoking, talking). In German, the same function is served by a nominalized INFINITIVE (das Rauchen, das Sprechen). When the PRESENT PARTICIPLE is in an adverbial phrase, it is called der Gerundivum or der Nezessativ in German (zu lobend).
HELPING VERB s Hilfsverb   German has three helping or auxiliary verbs: haben, sein, and werden. Each may be used with another verb to form a compound tense (pres. perfect, future, etc.). Also see MODAL VERB. > German Verbs
s Bühnendeutsch   The standard German language that all German-speakers learn in school, no matter which DIALECT they may speak at home. Hochdeutsch is used in the German-language media and is spoken by all educated people in German Europe.

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