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Harry Potter in German

Using the German Harry Potter
Books to Learn German

Harry Potter auf Deutsch: Introduction

HP Band 5 This special Harry Potter start page provides a unified collection of all our resources for using and enjoying the German editions. The German translations of the Harry Potter books by Joanne K. Rowling offer an entertaining way to expand your knowledge of the German language. To help you in that task we have developed a rather extensive collection of Harry Potter articles, glossaries, and links—in English and German.

The resources listed below are divided into three categories: Articles, Glossaries, and Web Links/Resources.

NOTE: These Harry Potter resources for German are intended only as an aid for German-learners. They have no connection with any of the Harry Potter publishers, author J.K. Rowling, or the translators. No infringement of the rights of any of the copyright holders is implied or intended.


'Harry Potter' for German-Learners
A how-to for finding and using the German Harry Potter books

Harry Potter Revisited
How's J.K. Rowling's German? A closer look at the German translations.

The Thief Lord and Germany's J.K. Rowling
Cornelia Funke has been called "a German J.K. Rowling"—her German children's novel Herr der Diebe has been translated into English.


Part 1: Harry Potter Glossary
An annotated glossary with words, phrases and expressions from the Harry Potter books

Part 2: Harry Potter Glossary - Translation
A look at Harry Potter German translation mistakes and alterations

Part 3: Harry Potter Chapter-Specific Glossaries
German-English Harry Potter vocabulary for specific chapters

All Glossaries
All of our dual-language annotated glossaries for learning German—by topic.


Links: Harry Potter in German
A collection of related Web links in German and English.

The Harry Potter Books
Online and other sources of Harry Potter books in German or English.

German for Beginners
Our free online German course.

German Newsletters
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