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Mannheim Steamroller
and German - Part 2

German Christmas Carols

Chip Davis' German Christmas Music

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Below you'll find more information about the German songs found on the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums. Also see our German Christmas Carol Lyrics page with German and English lyrics for the Mannheim Steamroller songs and other German Christmas favorites!

The Christmas Albums: Liner Notes
Chip Davis' (edited) song comments from the CD liners:

Kling, Glöckchen: "I grew up in boys' choir. ...I decided to try and look for children that could sing in tune and on time. Well...Germans'...detail...fastidiousness...(Silent Night okay...Still, Still, Still). But here's one that none (or few) of us Americans know, and when I heard it the first time...I thought...man, this is Christmas...children... I wanted to bring this back to America." - Christmas in the Aire - Lyrics to "Kling, Glöckchen"

Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming: "This carol ["Es ist ein Ros entsprungen"] is 15th century German... The chorale version I used is the harmonization by Michael Pretorius done in the year 1609. Most people are more familiar with the Bach harmonization, so I used the older Pretorius but treated my harmonization in the style of Bach." - A Fresh Aire Christmas - Lyrics to "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen"

More song liner notes below...

Live DVD

Christmas Live CD
A live concert with Christmas music from previous albums.
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Christmas Live DVD
The DVD version of this Mannheim Steamroller album.
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Christmas (1984)
Eleven selections of mostly English carols. The last track is an instrumental version of the classic Austrian "Stille Nacht"/"Silent Night."
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A Fresh Aire Christmas (1988)
Includes the Austrian carol "Still, Still, Still" (sung in English), plus instrumental versions of two or three other German carols.
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Christmas in the Aire (1995)
This album has the most German content! Two carols sung in German: "Kling, Glöckchen" and "Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen" (Adeste Fideles), plus the instrumental "Gagliarda" composed by Johann Hermann Schein.
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Christmas Collection - Box Set
All of the Christmas CDs except Christmas Extraordinaire (below).
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Christmas Extraordinaire (2001)
From "White Christmas" to "O Tannenbaum" (sung in English by Johnny Mathis). Also includes Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus from the "Messiah."
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More Christmas Song Liner Notes
Mannheim Steamroller

Herbei, oh ihr Gläubigen (Adeste Fideles): "Well, the lights on a Christmas tree came from Martin Luther's walk down a lane, seeing stars thru pine trees. [Ed. note: This popular myth is in dispute.] This harmonization is really great and unusual. I enjoyed adding the bells, too. - The Bielefelder Kinderchor was started by Friedrich Oberschelp and is conducted by his son Dr. Jürgen Oberschelp. - This choir came to the U.S., to sing in Chicago in 1935. Their message has always been about the peace of music..." - Christmas in the Aire - Lyrics to "Herbei, oh ihr Gläubigen"/"O Come All Ye Faithful"

In dulci Jubilo "This [16th-century] carol comes from a legend about a German monk who lived in 1365 named Heinrich Suso. This carol was one to start a tradition of blending secular and sacred. Latin, being the language of the church, was often interspersed with the mother tongue. Hence, the title." - A Fresh Aire Christmas

Gagliarda: "This piece was commissioned in northern Germany and composed by Johann Hermann Schein. It was one of the first, if not the first, Christmas celebration dance music. This piece is dear to my heart for a couple of reasons: I learned to play recorder, playing along with this movement (from four movements); 'The Christmas Sweet' on Mannheim Steamroller Christmas is patterned after this set of four movements or dancers; and finally, Trisha, Kelly and I have a house in northern Germany." - Christmas in the Aire

Still, Still, Still "...is an Austrian carol. This arrangement is based on the arrangement, known by choirs the world over, by Norman Luboff. Every year for 15 years my father ended his Christmas concert with 'Still, Still, Still.' I grew up with this piece and after college went to work for Norman Luboff as a singer..." - A Fresh Aire Christmas

Stille Nacht: Franz Gruber composed the music for this Austrian carol in 1816. Only the melody is heard on the CD. - Mannheim Steamroller Christmas - Lyrics to "Stille Nacht"/"Silent Night"

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