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Medical Vocabulary 2

English-German Glossary K-Z

Diseases & Injuries
Medications & Treatments - English-German

German words and phrases related to medical treatment,
diseases and injuries

Note: This glossary is not intended to offer any medical advice. It is for general information and vocabulary reference only.

Noun Genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Abbreviations: adj. (adjective), adv. (adverb), Br. (British), n. (noun), v. (verb), pl. (plural)

English-German Glossaries > Medical A-J > Medical K-Z

Also see: At the Dentist - Beim Zahnarzt


kidney(s) e Niere (-en)
kidney failure, renal failure s Nierenversagen
kidney machine e künstliche Niere
kidney stone(s) r Nierenstein (-e)


laxative s Abführmittel

leukemia r Blutkrebs, e Leukämie

life s Leben
to lose your life, to die ums Leben kommen
many people died/lost their lives viele Menschen kamen ums Leben

Lou Gehrig's disease s Lou-Gehrig-Syndrom (see "ALS" in Part 1)

Lyme disease e Lyme-Borreliose (also see TBE)
transmitted by ticks von Zecken übertragen


"mad cow" disease, BSE r Rinderwahn, e BSE

malaria e Malaria

measles e Masern (pl.)
German measles, rubella Röteln (pl.)

medical(ly) (adj., adv.) medizinisch, ärztlich, Sanitäts- (in compounds)
medical corps (mil.) e Sanitätstruppe
medical insurance e Krankenversicherung/e Krankenkasse
medical school medizinische Fakultät
medical student r Medizinstudent/-studentin

medicinal (adj., adv.) heilend, medizinisch
medicinal power(s) e Heilkraft

medicine (in general) e Medizin
medicine, medication e Arznei, s Arzneimittel, s Medikament (-e)

metabolism r Metabolismus

mono, mononucleosis s Drüsenfieber, e Mononukleose (Pfeiffersches Drüsenfieber)

multiple sclerosis (MS) multiple Sklerose (die)

mumps r Mumps

muscular dystrophy e Muskeldystrophie, r Muskelschwund

Note: This glossary is not intended to offer any medical advice. It is for general information and vocabulary reference only.


nurse e Krankenschwester (-n)
head nurse e Oberschwester (-n)
male nurse, orderly r Krankenpfleger (-)
nursing e Krankenpflege


ointment, salve e Salbe (-n)

operate v. operieren
operation e Operation (-en)
have an operation sich einer Operation unterziehen, operiert werden

organ s Organ
organ bank e Organbank
organ donation e Organspende
organ donor r Organspender, e Organspenderin
organ recipient r Organempfänger, e Organempfängerin


pacemaker r Herzschrittmacher

paralysis (n.) e Lähmung, e Paralyse
paralytic (n.) r Paralytiker, e Paralytikerin
paralyzed, paralytic (adj.) gelähmt, paralysiert

parasite r Parasit (-en)

Parkinson's disease e Parkinson-Krankheit

patient r Patient (-en), e Patientin (-nen)

pharmacy, chemist's shop e Apotheke (-n)
pharmacist, chemist r Apotheker (-), e Apothekerin (-nen)

physician, doctor r Arzt/e Ärztin (Ärzte/Ärztinnen)

pill, tablet e Pille (-n), e Tablette (-n)

pimple(s) r Pickel (-)
acne e Akne

plague e Pest

pneumonia e Lungenentzündung

poison s Gift
antidote (to) s Gegengift, s Gegenmittel (gegen)
poison (v.) vergiften

poisoning e Vergiftung

prescription s Rezept

prostate (gland) e Prostata
prostate cancer r Prostatakrebs

psoriasis e Schuppenflechte


quack (doctor) r Quacksalber
quack remedy s Mittelchen, e Quacksalberkur/e Quacksalberpille

quinine s Chinin


rabies e Tollwut

rash n. r Ausschlag

rehab e Reha, e Rehabilitierung
rehab center s Reha-Zentrum (-Zentren)

rheumatism s Rheuma

rubella Röteln (pl.)

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salivary gland e Speicheldrüse (-n)

salve, ointment e Salbe (-n)

SARS s SARS (Schweres akutes Atemnotsyndrom, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

scurvy r Skorbut

sedative, tranquilizer s Beruhigungsmittel

sexually transmitted disease (See "STD" below)

shot, injection e Spritze (-n)

side effects Nebenwirkungen (pl.)

smallpox e Pocken (pl.)
smallpox vaccination e Pockenimpfung

sonography e Sonografie
sonogram s Sonogramm (-e)

sprain e Verstauchung

STD (sexually transmitted disease) e Geschlechtskrankheit (-en)

stomach r Magen
stomach ache s Bauchweh, Magenbeschwerden (pl.)
stomach cancer r Magenkrebs
stomach ulcer s Magengeschwür

surgeon r Chirurg (-en), e Chirurgin (-innen)

syphilis e Syphilis

The German researcher Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) discovered Salvarsans, a treatment for syphilis, in 1910. Ehrlich was also a pioneer in chemotherapy. He received the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1908.


tablet, pill e Tablette (-n), e Pille (-n)

There is a TBE/FSME vaccine which German doctors can give to people at risk, but it cannot be used on children under the age of 12. It is not available in the U.S. The vaccination is good for three years. The tick-borne disease is found in southern Germany and other parts of Europe, but is fairly rare.
temperature e Temperatur (-en)
he has a temperature er hat Fieber

thermal imaging e Thermografie

thermometer s Thermometer (-)

tick-borne encephalitis (see TBE above)

tissue (skin, etc.) s Gewebe (-)

tomography e Tomografie
CAT/CT scan, computer tomography e Computertomografie

tonsilitis e Mandelentzündung

tooth (teeth) r Zahn (Zähne)
toothache Zahnschmerzen (pl.)
I have a toothache. Ich habe Zahnschmerzen.
MORE > At the Dentist - Beim Zahnarzt

tranquilizer, sedative s Beruhigungsmittel

triglyceride s Triglyzerid (Triglyzeride, pl.)

A triglyzeride is a organic-chemical compound made up of one molecule of glycerine and three fatty acids.
Ein Triglyzerid ist eine organischchemische Verbindung aus einem Molekül Glyzerin und drei Fettsäuren.

tuberculosis e Tuberkulose
tuberculin s Tuberkulin

typhoid fever, typhus r Typhus


ulcer s Geschwür

ulcerous (adj.) geschwürig

urologist r Urologe, e Urologin
urology e Urologie


vaccinate v. impfen
vaccination n. e Impfung (-en)
smallpox vaccination e Pockenimpfung
vaccine n. r Impfstoff

varicose vein e Krampfader

vasectomy e Vasektomie

vascular vaskulär, Gefäß- (in compounds)
vascular disease e Gefäßkrankheit

vein e Vene (-n), e Ader (-n)
varicose vein(s) e Krampfader (-n)

venereal disease, VD e Geschlechtskrankheit (-en)

violence e Gewalt
rightwing (skinhead) violence rechte Gewalt

virus s Virus
virus/viral infection e Virusinfektion

vitamin s Vitamin
vitamin deficiency r Vitaminmangel


wart e Warze (-n)

wound (n.) e Wunde (-n)


X-ray (n.) e Röntgenaufnahme, s Röntgenbild
X-ray (v.) durchleuchten, eine Röntgenaufnahme machen

The German word for X-rays comes from their German discoverer, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923). (More in our Erfinder - Inventors glossary.)


yellow fever s Gelbfieber

Note: This glossary is not intended to offer any medical advice. It is for general information and vocabulary reference only.

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