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German Menu and Dining Guide

A German-English Food and Drink Glossary

With Phrasebook

Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13

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Also see: English-German Food and Drink Glossary

The following Menu and Dining Guide contains an alphabetical glossary of words and expressions that are likely to be encountered on a typical menu (die Speisekarte) in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. It is part of Lektion 13 - Essen und Trinken (German for Beginners: Food & Drink). Keep in mind thn at, as with many things in the German-speaking world, food and drink vocabulary is very regional. Some dishes are more likely to be found in one part of Germany and not in another. Certain regions tend to have more beer or tea drinkers, while others may prefer coffee or wine. If you look at a menu in Munich, it will be very different from one in Hamburg. However, there are many things they will have in common and we offer a wide range of selections on our Speisekarte. We have also included some related terms and the words for places to eat and drink. Guten Appetit!

Also see: Lektion 13 of German for Beginners, German Recipes - Kochrezepte, and Das Fischlexikon (with more seafood and fish terms found on a menu).


Aal   eel

Abendbrot   dinner, supper

Abendessen   dinner, supper

alkoholfrei (adj.)   non-alcoholic

Ananas   pineapple

Apfel   apple

Apple cider photo
Ein Glas Apfelsaft
A glass of apple cider

Apfelkuchen   apple cake

Apfelmost   (hard) apple cider

Apfelmus   apple sauce

Apfelsaft   apple cider

Apfelsaftschorle   apple spritzer (apple juice or cider mixed with sparkling mineral water; the standard Schorle found in southwest Germany is made with wine)

Apfelsine   orange

Apfelstrudel   apple strudel

Apfeltasche   apple turnover, apple pie

Apfelwein   apple wine

Called Ebbelwei or Eppelwoi in the local dialect, this fermented cider drink is a specialty of the Frankfurt am Main area. Also see Most below.

Aprikose(n)   apricot(s)

Aubergine   eggplant

Auflauf   casserole, soufflé

Austern   oysters

Cooking Terms
Food Preparation
English Deutsch
baked (im Ofen) gebacken
boiled gekocht
cold kalt
(deep) fried (in Fett) gebacken
(pan) fried (in der Pfanne) gebacken
hot heiß
hot (spicy) scharf
medium (done) halbdurch
rare englisch
well done durchgebraten
roasted gebraten
seasoned gewürzt
smoked geräuchert
steamed gedämpft
stuffed gefüllt
German Recipes
German Recipes - Kochrezepte


Backhendel   roasted chicken (Austria)

Barbe   mullet (fish)

Basilikum   basil (seasoning)

Bedienung   service (charge); tip
   inklusive Bedienung und Mehrwertsteuer   service charge/tip and VAT (tax) included

Beilage(n)   side dish(es)

Beisl/Beisel   inn, pub, small restaurant (Austria)

belegtes Brot   open-faced sandwich

Besteck (das)   cutlery, flatware, silverware
   die Gabel   fork
   der Löffel   spoon
   das Messer   knife
QUIZ > German Photo Exercise: On the Table

bestellen   to order

Bestellung   order
   auf Bestellung   made to order, on request

Bier   beer

One rarely orders just a "beer" in Germany. Try to be specific, and order by brand or type (pils, bock, dunkel, hell, weizen, etc.). Germans tend to drink beer from a local brewery.

Birne(n)   pear(s)

blau (adj.)   boiled (in salt and vingar), usually fish
   MORE > See Das Fischlexikon for more seafood and fish terms found on a menu.

Blaubeeren   blueberries

Blumenkohl   cauliflower

Bockbier   bock beer

Bock beer - usually a dark, strong, sweeter brew - gets its name from "Bock," derived from the town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), known for its hops beer. Bock is traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring. A stronger variety is called Doppelbock.

Bockwurst   bockwurst (sausage)

Bohnen   beans

Bowle   punch
   Apfelwein-Bowle   apple wine punch
   Berliner Bowle   a punch made of Berliner Weiße beer and champagne

Brat-   fried, roasted
   Brathänchen   fried chicken
   Bratkartoffeln   hash browns, roasted potatoes
   Bratwurst   fried sausage

Brombeeren   blackberries

Brot   bread
   There are over 200 kinds of German bread

Brötchen   rolls

In southern Germany "rolls" are called Semmeln.

Buletten   meatballs

Butter   butter

Erntedankfest: Thanksgiving in Germany
English-German Thanksgiving Glossary


Champagner   champagne

Champignons   (button) mushrooms
   Pilze   mushrooms
   Pfifferlinge   chanterelle mushrooms
   Schwammerl   mushrooms (Austria)


deutsches Beefsteak   hamburger, salisbury steak

Doboschtorte   a seven-layer cake with mocha cream

Dorsch/Kabeljau   cod

dunkel   dark (beer)

Dunkelbier   dark beer
   ein Dunkles   a dark beer
   ein Helles   a light beer

English-German Food and Drink Glossary
An expanded English-to-German version of this menu guide.


Ei (Eier)   egg (eggs)
   mit Schinken   with ham
   mit Speck   with bacon
   ein hartgekochtes Ei   a hard-boiled egg
   ein weichgekochtes Ei   a soft-boiled egg
   Rühreier   scrambled eggs
   Spiegeleier   fried eggs

eingelegt (adj.)   marinaded, pickled

Eintopf   stew

Eis   ice; ice cream
   ein Erdbeereis   a serving of strawberry ice cream
   ein Vanilleeis   a serving of vanilla ice cream
   Himbeereis   raspberry ice cream
   Schokoladeneis   chocolate ice cream

Ente   duck

Erbsen   peas
   Erbsensuppe   pea soup

Erdapfel (Erdäpfel)   potato(es) (Austria)

Erdbeeren   strawberries

Erdnuss   peanut
   Erdnussbutter   peanut butter

Essig   vinegar
   Öl und Essig   oil and vinegar

Estragon   tarragon (seasoning)


Fasan   pheasant

Faschiertes   ground meat (Austria)

Fett   fat; grease

Flammekuchen   "flame cake," thin layer of pastry topped with cream, onions and bacon. Sometimes cheese and/or mushrooms are added to this baked dish.

Fleisch   meat
   Kalbfleisch veal
   Rindfleisch beef
   Schweinefleisch pork

Fleischerei   butcher shop

Flunder   flounder

Forelle   trout
   MORE > See Das Fischlexikon for more seafood and fish terms found on a menu.

Frikadelle   meat balls, rissole

frittiert (adj.)   fried
   frittierte Zwiebelringe   fried onion rings

Froschschenkel   frog legs

Frucht   fruit
   Fruchtsaft   fruit juice

Frühstück   breakfast

German for Beginners
Lesson 13 - Food & Drink
Our free online German course.


Gabel   fork (also see Besteck above)

Gans   goose

Goose is a traditional Christmas or special occasion dish, although it is being overtaken by turkey - Pute.

Gaststätte   restaurant

Garnelen   shrimp
   Garnelencocktail   shrimp cocktail

Gemüse(n)   vegetable(s)

Geröstete (Erdäpfel)   roasted, fried potatoes (Austria)
   Same as "Bratkartoffeln"

Geschnetzeltes   scallopini

Geselchtes, Gselchtes   smoked meat, usually pork (Austria)

Gespritzte(r)   spritzer, wine cooler (Austria/Bavaria)
   Schorle   spritzer, wine and soda water

Gewürz(e)   seasoning(s), spice(s)

Grapefruit   grapefruit
   Grapefruitsaft   grapefruit juice

grillen (v.)   to grill, barbecue
   gegrillt   grilled, barbecued
Grillteller   grill plate

Grütze   groats
   rote Grütze   red fruit pudding
   See German-English recipe for rote Grütze!

Grieß   semolina
   Grießklößchen   semolina dumpling
   Grießkoch, - brei   semolina purée

Gulasch   gulasch (veal stew with spices)

Gurke(n)   cucumber(s)
   saure Gurken   pickles, gherkins


Hackbraten   meatloaf

Hackepeter   hamburger steak

Hackfleisch   ground meat, minced meat

Hähnchen, Huhn   chicken
   Hendl   Austrian for chicken
   ein halbes Hähnchen   a half chicken

Hühnerbrust   chicken breast
Hühnerbruststreifen   chicken breast strips

Hühnersuppe   chicken soup

halbtrocken   semi-dry (wine)

Hase   rabbit
   Hasenpfeffer   rabbit stew

Hauptspeisen   entrées, main courses

hausgemacht (adj.)   home made

Haxe   leg of (lamb, pork, etc.)
   Lammshaxe   leg of lamb
   Schweinshaxe   pig's knuckle

Heilbutt   halibut
   MORE > Das Fischlexikon for more seafood and fish terms found on a menu.

heiß (adj.)   hot
heiße Schokolade   hot chocolate

Hendl   chicken (Austria)
   Backhendl   roasted chicken

Himbeeren   raspberries
   Himbeereis   raspberry ice cream
   Himbeersaft   raspberry juice

Honig   honey

Hummer   lobster


Imbiss   snack

inkl. / inklusive   included
   inklusive Bedienung und Mehrwertsteuer   service charge/tip and VAT (tax) included

Innereien   giblets ("innards")


MORE > English-German Food and Drink Glossary

Menu > A-I | J-R | S-Z | Phrasebook | Stores & Shopping

MORE > Das Fischlexikon (seafood and fish terms found on a menu)
MORE > German Photo Exercise: Table Setting

Got a new word? Email me to add new vocabulary or ask a question.

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