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Song Lyrics in German and English

“Zonenmädchen” - English

“Im Wahlkampf vor mir liegt ein Zonenmädchen”

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  German Popular Music > "Der Steuersong" > "Zonenmädchen" (German)

Following his "Steuersong" hit in 2002, satirist Elmar Brandt was inspired to create a new satiric song for the chancellor election in September 2005. This time he decided to pick on both chancellor candidates: Gerhard Schröder ("Gerd") and Angela Merkel ("Angie"). - See more on the German version page.

Note: See the link below for a streaming-video interview with Anne Onken and a sample of the song.

NOTE: This annotated English translation of the original German song lyrics are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended.

Words in (parentheses) indicate a second possible meaning, often in connection with a play on words that works only in German. See footnotes for more comments.

In the Election Ahead of Me Lies a Zone Girl
("Im Wahlkampf vor mir liegt ein Zonenmädchen")

Lyrics: Elmar Brandt, Peter Burtz
Melody: Hans Blum

Gerd: Rata rata ratatatata, rata rata ratatatata.

My dear nation, it's dumb to look OLD for a NEW election, but I'll manage somehow! You won't believe who's ahead of me in the polls:

In the election ahead of me lies a "zone girl"1 - why can't she be a beauty?

The corners of her mouth down in the cellar, and hair that's styled like a helmet - with Spreewald pickle breath2 - Angela!

In the election ahead of me lies a "zone girl"

With a few points - I'll hit with a left. Perhaps I'll flood Saxony-Anhalt3 or I'll get rid of Hans Eichel4. Whatever, I'll think of something.

Rata rata ratatatata, rata rata ratatatata.

Angie: What noises is the clown behind me making?

Gerd: Is she not mean?

Angie: He still thinks he has a chance?!

Gerd: The eye also votes, doesn't it?

Angie: The whole thing's over; this small-time crook is nuts!

He can't still think he's going to win.

Gerd: Like in '98...

Angie: It's high time for a woman in the chancellor's office.

Gerd: A woman? Don't you want it, after all?

Angie: I'll clean out the fife and drum corps.

Gerd: I've already got a cleaning woman!

Angie: I'll beat you.

Gerd: When pigs learn to fly!

Angie: It's taps - haven't you noticed?

May I invite (challenge) you, Herr Former Chancellor?

Gerd: To step down? Nope.

Angie: Nonsense! To dance. In preparation for September. Then it's lady's choice (election).

Gerd: I think she's been in the sun too long. But then darkness has always been kind to her (been her friend).

Angie: At least I still have friends.

Gerd: Now she's gone off her rocker ("has a stinger") - but surely not against me. But at least she'll lose with a good tan.

Angie: Now the whole matter's slowly getting funny!

Gerd: Then have a laugh!

Angie: You shell-game con-artist, your time's running out!

Gerd: Habemus Gerhard!5

Angie: You can't hide any longer behind some idiots. You're finished as a swindler - and now out!

Gerd: Bye-bye my "zone girl," have a nice trip!

Angie: So long, Herr Former Chancellor!

Gerd: You in my office? I'm laughing myself silly!

Angie: For you this election will end with 5 percent!

Gerd: You old bag, ridiculous! I'll easily get ten!

Haha haha hahahahaha, haha haha hahahahaha.

Angie: In this case you're a discontinued (voted-out) item.

Gerd: Don't be so sure; I also beat (hit) women!

Angie: Is this the key to the chancellor's office here?

Gerd: Why?

Angie: 3, 2, 1 - mine!

Gerd: Oh!!...


  1. Zonenmädchen ("zone girl"), i.e., a girl from the former Ostzone (Soviet Zone, East Germany); Merkel is from the "East Zone."
  2. Spreewaldgurkenatem - The Spreewald is an area to the east of Berlin that is known for its pickles. It was also a popular, well-known brand of pickles during GDR (East Germany) times.
  3. The eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) and other parts of eastern Germany had serious flooding in the summer of 2002.
  4. Hans Eichel is the German finance minister; his efforts to cut deficits by reducing unemployment benefits (Hartz IV) were very unpopular in eastern Germany, where there has been a high rate of unemployment since reunification.
  5. Habemus Gerhard! - Latin for "We have Gerhard!" - a play on "We have a pope!"

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