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German Song Lyrics

With English Translations

Song Lyrics in German and English

German Popular Music
German and English lyrics for popular hits in German, from rap to rock - from the Beatles to Johnny Cash, from Falco to Udo Lindenberg.

German Children's Songs
German and English lyrics for Austrian and German Kinderlieder and the German birthday song "Wie schön, dass du geboren bist."

German Christmas Carols
German and English lyrics for Austrian and German Christmas music.

German Halloween Songs
Songs with a Halloween theme. Lyrics in German and English.

National Anthems
German and English lyrics for the Austrian, German, and Swiss national anthems.
  AUSTRIA: Austrian National Anthem - "Land der Berge"
  GERMANY: German National Anthem - "Das Deutschlandlied"
  SWITZERLAND: Swiss National Anthem - "Nationalhymne"

Die Prinzen
The enjoyable songs of the eastern German group "Die Prinzen" - with clever lyrics.

Rammstein Song Lyrics
German and English lyrics for Rammstein songs. Also see our main Rammstein page for background information about this controversial German heavy-metal band.

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Downloading German Songs from iTunes
Mac and Windows users can download German music by German artists from the U.S. or other iTunes stores. This article tells you how to get "deutsche Musik für Mac und Windows."

German Popular Music
German and English lyrics for popular hits in German, from rap to rock.

Deutsche Musik heute
German music today. A follow-up to our previous article on German popular music.

Deutsche Schlager - German Oldies
Classic German golden oldie hits from the 1960s and '70s are ideal for beginners and other listeners.

Music: Lyrics/Info
More German music, artists, lyrics, and song information.

The Sound of Music - and German Lyrics
German popular music can be a fun way to learn German. With helpful tips.

Before You Buy German CDs
Tips on what you should know before you buy German music CDs.

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