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Top 10 German First Names

For Boys and Girls: 1997-2000

This list (Part 2) shows the ten most popular names (baby names) for boys and girls in Germany for each year from 1997 to 2000, as compiled by the German Language Society (Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache e.V. - GfdS). Also see Part 1: German First Names: 2001-2004.

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Most Popular German Names
Deutschland 2000
die beliebtesten Vornamen
1. Alexander 1. Marie
2. Maximilian 2. Sophie/Sophia
3. Lukas 3. Maria
4. Leon 4. Anna/Anne
5. Tim 5. Laura
6. Paul 6. Lea
7. Niklas 7. Julia
8. Jonas 8. Michelle
9. Daniel 9. Katharina
10. Jan 10. Sarah
Deutschland 1999
die beliebtesten Vornamen
Jungen Mädchen
1. Lukas 1. Marie
2. Alexander 2. Maria
3. Maximilian 3. Sophie
4. Leon 4. Anna/Anne
5. Tim 5. Laura
6. Daniel 6. Sara(h)
7. Niklas 7. Julia
8. Jan 8. Michelle
9. Philipp 9. Lea
10. Paul 10. Katharina
Deutschland 1998
die beliebtesten Vornamen
Jungen Mädchen
1. Lukas 1. Maria
2. Alexander 2. Julia
3. Maximilian 3. Anna/Anne
4. Daniel 4. Sophia/Sophie
5. Philipp 5. Marie
6. Felix 6. Laura
7. Tim 7. Lisa
8. Jan 8. Vanessa
9. Florian 9. Sarah
10. Jonas 10. Katharina
Deutschland 1997
die beliebtesten Vornamen
Jungen Mädchen
1. Alexander 1. Maria/Marie
2. Maximilian 2. Sophia/Sophie
3. Lukas 3. Julia
4. Philipp 4. Laura
5. Daniel 5. Anna/Anne
6. Jan 6. Sara(h)
7. Florian 7. Lisa
8. Niklas 8. Katharina
9. Felix 9. Vanessa
10. Dominik 10. Michelle
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Source: Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache e.V. (GfdS)
Also see First Names in Germany and the USA

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