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German Lessons and Articles - 2000

Lachend lernen: Laughing and Learning German
How to laugh your way to a larger German vocabulary. Using cartoons, jokes and other German humor to learn the language.

About Our German-English Almanac
Der deutsche Almanach is an ever-expanding collection of annotated bilingual lists in various categories, from the highest mountains to the most-used verbs.

Advent und Weihnachten
A guide to the key dates of the German Christmas celebration - from Advent to Heilige Drei Könige. It starts earlier than you may think! Also links to our other Christmas pages, including an annotated English-German Christmas glossary.

What's in a Name? - Ludwig
The name Ludwig is a classic Germanic name. Where did it come from? What role have Ludwigs played in history? The first installment of our German name series.

Latin in German
Take advantage of the fact that German and English share much common Latin-based vocabulary.

Halloween in Germany?
Halloween has become popular in Europe. We've got facts and vocabulary on that and the traditional Allerheiligen and Allerseelen and Martinstag celebrations around the same time.

Two Places to Practice Your German
About our forum and chat room for German. Two good venues for practicing your German online.

When the Plural is Singular!
Avoiding English-German noun confusion. Some English nouns are used in the singular, while the German equivalent is plural—and the other way around.

German Verb Conjugation: Present Tense
An introduction to the present tense of regular verbs. Compares English and German verb endings and leads to a more detailed study of the present tense.

DVD Details for Students and Teachers of German
The good, the bad and the ugly about DVD. Why you should switch from VHS to DVD—if you haven't already.

Sydney 2000: The Olympics in German
We followed the "real" Olympic Games in Australia, and saw how countries besides our own covered the event. This article shows you where and how you could view, listen to and read about die Olympiade 2000 auf Deutsch.

Audiobooks in German: Hörbücher
Listening to a book in German is a great way to improve your German skills. Here are some tips and links for finding and using Hörbücher.

Homework help for German is just a click away!

Words and Expressions from a Deutschlandreise
What German expressions did your Guide encounter on a recent trip to Germany? Well, "Coke bei drei Grad Celsius" was definitely the coolest!

Die Reform der Reform: Spelling Reform - Again!
Germany's leading daily newspaper decides to go it alone and return to the traditional German spelling.

Review: Langenscheidt's Lilliput and Picture Dictionaries
A detailed look at two very different Langenscheidt German-English dictionaries – one very small, the other very illustrated.

Harry Potter in German
Join the Hogwarts craze auf Deutsch! German readers will have to wait a few more months before Harry IV appears in German, but you don't have to wait to join in the fun.

Wer bin ich? Ein biografisches Ratespiel
Try our biographical guessing game and win a prize! Based on a short bio in German, you tell us who the person is. A new game series.

How to Say "to" in German - nach vs. zu
There are many ways to say "to" in German, but these two prepositions cause most of the confusion for German-learners.

Two Polls - Zwei Umfragen
Help your Guide optimize this site for learning German! Which learning level best describes your situation? Beginner, intermediate, advanced?

Review: Teach Yourself - German Verbs
A review of this reference and learning guide covering 201 German verbs in detail, plus a glossary of about 3000 verbs.

Germans on the Web
Germany ranks third in the world for Internet usage. We look at some interesting German sites.

'Tell Me More' - German: A Review
A detailed look at this interactive CD-ROM program for learning German. Does it do what it claims? Is it the bargain it seems to be?

Digital Postcards in German
New e-cards for German designed by your Guide. Send a free E-Karte to anyone with an email address.

German for Beginners/Deutsch für Anfänger
An introduction to our online course for beginners.

Two German-English Dictionaries
A review of two different dictionaries from a single publisher: Klett's "Super-Mini" and "Modern" dictionaries. One's a hit and one's a miss.

A Perfect German Translation?
Is there such a thing? The present and future of machine translation. With links to translation resources.

Bilingual Family Group Support
A look at a German association that helps parents raising multilingual children.

From Hamburg to Amerika
The Hamburg State Archive is putting emigrant passenger lists online.

Word Order in German
A helpful guide to German syntax.

Advanced German Dictionaries
A comparative look at two "serious" German-English dictionaries.

It's About (German) Time
Everything you ever wanted to know about time and dates in German.

The Bible in German
From Ulfilas to Luther - die Bibel auf Deutsch. With resources, links.

German Jobs
Resources and links for finding a German-related job - with a German company or in German Europe.

Deutsche Sommerschulen
German summer schools. Learn German and more! With directory.

Deutsche im Weltall
Gerhard Thiele, who went into space aboard the Endeavour in February 2000, was the 10th German astronaut. Who were the others? With an Aerospace Glossary.

The Latest News
Links in German and English to keep up with current events in German Europe.

Ein Wegweiser
A guide by your Guide. Where to find what you seek on this site!

Listening to Germany
A review of the German audio magazine "Schau ins Land."

German Words of the Year
What were the top ten German words in the years since 1998? With links and info for related language organizations.

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