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German Cooking Glossary

Recipe Terms - Kochglossar M-Z

German-English Baking and Cooking Vocabulary

With Measurement Conversions

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The following German-English glossary is related to our collection of German Recipes. It focuses on terms found in recipes and food preparation. (Also see our Menu and Dining Guide, an annotated A-to-Z German-English glossary related to menus and dining out in German-speaking Europe, and the English-German Food and Drink Glossary.)

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Also see: German-English Seasonings Glossary

Kochglossar - Cooking Glossary - Part 2 (M-Z)

Noun gender: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), or s (das, neu.)
adj. = adjective, v. = verb


die Mandel (Mandeln) almond(s)
   Mandelblätter sliced almonds
mahlen v. grind
   fein / grob mahlen grind finely / coarsely
   gemahlen (adj) ground
e Masse mixture
s Mehl flour
e Messerspitze (Msp.) knife tip, a pinch of...
Msp. knife tip, a pinch of...
r Muskat nutmeg
   Also see German-English Seasonings Glossary


s Natron baking soda, bicarbonate of soda
e Nelke(n) / Gewürznelke(n) clove(s)


e Oblate (-n) wafer
s Öl (-e) oil (s Olivenöl = olive oil)
s Orangeat (-e) candied orange peel


Palmin Soft™ (brand name) a Crisco-like shortening
e Panade coating of breadcrumbs (for frying)
panieren to bread (for frying)
  paniert breaded
s Paniermehl breading, breadcrumbs
s Pektin pectin
s Pflanzenfett / Backfett shortening (Crisco = Palmin Soft)
s Pfund pound (metric: 500 g, 1.1 U.S. pounds)
   zwei Pfund Kartoffeln two pounds (1kg) of potatoes
   See > Measurement Conversions
e Prise dash (approx. 1 gram)
   eine Prise Salz a dash of salt
r Puderzucker powdered sugar

Also see: Food and Drink Glossary - English-German


rühren v. stir, mix
s Rührgerät mixer, mixing machine


r Saft juice
e Schale peel (orange, lemon)
r Schnee meringue (e Meringe)
r Schneebesen whisk
   verquirlen v. to whisk, beat
seihen v. to strain, sieve (Austria, S. Ger.)
r Seiher sieve, strainer, colander (Austria, S. Ger.)
Semmelbrösel (pl.) breading, crumbs (Austria, S. Ger.)
s Sieb sieve, sifter, strainer, colander
   durch ein Sieb streichen strain, sift, press through a sieve
sieben to sift, strain
e Speisestärke cornstarch, cornflour, thickening agent
s Stärkemehl cornstarch, cornflour
r Stärkezucker glucose
streichen v. press, rub; spread (butter, etc.)


r Teelöffel teaspoon
   gestrichener Teelöffel level teaspoon
   gehäufter Teelöffel heaped/heaping teaspoon
r Teig dough, mixture
   der Germteig yeast dough (Austria)
   der Hefeteig yeast dough
   den Teig gehen lassen let the dough rise
e Terrine terrine, soup tureen
TL = teaspoon (see above)


überbacken au gratin ("baked over")
unbehandelt natural, organic
  eine unbehandelte Limette a natural lime (untreated with pesticides, etc.)
unterheben to fold in (ingredients)
unter Zugabe von... while adding...


e Vanillestange vanilla pod
r Vanillezucker vanilla-flavored sugar
verfeinern v. refine
verquirlen v. to whisk, beat until foamy
vorgeheizt preheated
   im vorgeheizten Backofen in a preheated oven


s Wasserbad double boiler
   im Wasserbad in a double boiler
wiegen, abwiegen v. weigh
würzen v. season, add seasoning/spices
   Also see German-English Seasonings Glossary


ziehen v. steep, simmer, marinade
s Ziehfett/Pflanzenfett shortening (Crisco = Palmin Soft)
r Zimt cinnamon
e Zitrone (-n) lemon(s)
s Zitronat (-e) candied lemon peel, citron
e Zubereitung preparation (directions)
zusetzen v. add (to)
e Zutat (Zutaten) ingredient(s)


Also see our German-English Seasonings Glossary, the Menu and Dining Guide, the English-German Food and Drink Glossary, and German Abbreviations.

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