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Web and Satellite TV in German - USA and Canada

Web and Satellite TV in German

Web Links for German-Language TV

Watching German TV in North America via satellite and on the Web

Also see this article by your Guide:
   German TV in North America

Online streaming video or video podcasting is nice, but it's not television! But now the Web isn't the only place where you watch German television in North America! The DISH Network satellite service now offers two German channels for viewers in the U.S. (by subscription). Below you'll find articles and Web links for "real" German television programming via satellite or cable to viewers in the United States and Canada. You will also find additional links for:

   • Austrian, German and Swiss Fernsehsender
   • German-language TV guides and...
   • Online TV and Video in German (links below)
   • Sat TV Resources

Happy viewing—and Web surfing!

Satellite Service for German in North America

German TV in North America
The latest about the bumpy history of German television in the U.S. and the current situation for German-language satellite TV in North America.

The Deutsche Welle TV Web site in German or English.

ProSiebenSat1 Welt
A private German TV channel also available in the U.S. via the Dish Network.

DW World - Deutsche Welle
This German government-funded broadcaster provides German, English and Spanish TV broadcasts overseas, with an emphasis on news and information. "Choose from 30 languages." Deutsche Welle TV is available in the U.S. via the Dish Network and some cable TV systems.

DISH Network
Information about costs and technical requirements for subscribing to GERMAN TV and/or ProSiebenSat1 Welt via Echostar's DISH Network. DISH offers both German channels, either separately or together in a special discounted package. Click on "German."

ChannelD (now defunct)
Offered digital satellite TV programming in German for North, Central and South America. - Note: After a little over one year of service, the private ChannelD German television satellite broadcaster filed for bankruptcy with a Bremen court on Oct. 4, 2002. - See the more current German TV in North America.

Streaming Video Online - German

Note: Viewing online TV requires the Media Player, QuickTime, or Real software - all free.

Also see: Online TV and Video in German

Apple iTunes - Video Podcasts
Apple offers both audio and video podcasts in German for free, and you don't even need an iPod. Also see Video Podcasts: Tagesschau.

Beeline TV
Streaming live video from around the world, including about half a dozen German-language stations.

Broadband TV - German
A Web site with links to German live streaming video from various broadcasters. They also offer slower links via a related site: Broadcast-live.com (this "German" page looks like it was translated by a computer; it's bad German, but the links work).

"Your personal multichannel TV recorder." Free registration. Offers German and English programming.

German-Language TV Broadcasters

The ARD is a combination of Germany's regional broadcasters (radio and television).

Das Erste (ARD)
The ARD TV channel - "Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen"

World and European news in German, English, and several other languages.

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen was Germany's second public TV broadcaster. (ARD was first.) Check out the new "2DF" logo!

A French/German cutural and arts channel.

A satellite service from three German-language TV stations.

Nothing but sports!

Kabel 1

Der Kinderkanal von ARD/ZDF.

MTV in German.

A German news channel with live streaming video.

NDR Fernsehen - N3
Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

n-tv/CNN.de online
The German CNN, partly owned by CNN.

Phoenix online
A German television service offering streaming video.

Premiere World
A premium TV service with a cool Web site.

ProSieben Online
A German premium TV channel.

A private, commercial German TV and radio broadcaster - via terrestial, satellite and cable.

The second RTL.

A German satellite TV service.

Sport 1 - dsf
A German sports channel.

Die Tagesschau
The popular German nightly news program from ARD.

The German MTV.

A German cable TV service.

Austrian Television

Oesterreichischer Rundfunk.

ATV+ (Austria)
Erstes österreichweites Privatfernsehen (ATVplus): "Ich sehe was ich will."

Swiss Television

Schweizer Fernsehen DRS, the Swiss German TV service.

German Television Magazines

TV Today
Despite its name, this is a German TV periodical.

TV Movie

TV Spielfilm

Other Sat TV Resources

FAQ - Watzmann
Informative FAQ related to German radio and TV.

Radio/TV Sat Links
A French site in English & French - 'Liens Utiles'.

About Digital Sat TV
Technical background on the topic by Chris Muriel.

Sat TV in Europe
A European sat TV primer by Knut Vikor of Norway.

Lots of information, programming, etc. for German and European TV.

Digital Satellite TV
A detailed explanation of how digital sat TV works... and where to find it.

European Sat TV mags (print)
Contact info for various sat TV mags.

Satellite and Cable Services in the USA

DirecTV The largest digital direct sat broadcast TV service in the US. Very little foreign-language content.

DISH Network The second largest digital direct sat broadcast TV service in the US. More foreign-language content (Arabic, Asian, Spanish, Greek, etc.) than DirecTV, now including German!

Newsworld International
NWI broadcasts foreign-language news (Russian) and international news in English - via cable or satellite. No German.

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German TV in North America
The latest about the bumpy history of German television in the U.S. and the current situation for German-language satellite TV in North America.

Online TV and Video
Links and resources for television in German.

ChannelD - German TV in the US
A three-part article about this now defunct German satellite broadcaster.

Are You Listening?
Why you should be listening to authentic German from several sources.

Using Authentic Language Sources
Make the Web work for you–beginners included!

Using the Web to Learn German
The Web and the four skills. From your Guide.

Radio and TV links for German in RealAudio and other streaming formats.

Online news in German as text, audio, or video.

Online TV/Video
Television and video for German. Links to satellite and online video in German.

Text Translation
Several German-English (and other) online translators. Also see our Translation Links.

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