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Deutsche Schlager

German Golden Oldies Links

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This Linksammlung is only intended as a starting point for anyone interested in learning German with the lyrics from classic deutsche Schlager of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. This is part of the article Deutsche Schlager: German Goldies for Beginners.


German Song Lyrics
A collection of German popular music and songs - with German and English lyrics.

Downloading German Songs from iTunes
The U.S. iTunes store has an ever-increasing number of German pop tunes available for legal downloading.

Deutsche Schlager - Amazon.de
Amazon's collection of deutsche Schlager - from today and yesterday.

Bill Ramsey: Songtexte
U.S.-born Bill Ramsey has been a German citizen since 1986. Here are the lyrics to 14 of his older German hit songs. (Ramsey is now into jazz.) "Jeden Abend geht die Mimmi in die Heia um Halb Zehn, / aber niemals ohne vorher an den Bücherschrank zu geh'n. / Keinen Goethe, keinen Schiller holt sie aus dem Schrank heraus, / Nein, einen superharten Thriller sucht sich Mimmi aus."

Connie Francis: Songtexte
U.S.-born Francis had many English and German (and other) hits.

Songtexte - GoLyr.de
Search alphabetically, by artist, song title, etc. One of the biggest song lyrics sites out there! (German and English)

Peggy March
This American singer (born in 1948) is probably better known in Germany. With photos of her German hit single covers (from the days of 45 rpm vinyl records). Peggy March Bio in English.

Freddy Quinn
Interesting German bio of this Austrian-born singer - best known for songs of the sea. From the AEIOU encyclopedia.

Komm giess mein Glas noch einmal ein
The classic Reinhard Mey CD with sample audio of songs from the "Aus meinem Tagebuch" album.

Das Online-Magazin für deutsche Musik. Sehen Sie mal die Oldies-Seite an!

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