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Animal GlossaryTierlexikon

Animal-related Web Links


  • Tierlexikon
    An English-German animal glossary.
  • Tier-Quiz
    A self-scoring quiz on animals and their sounds.
  • Tiergeräusche
    An English-German animal sounds glossary.
  • Talk to the Animals
    Despite Dr. Dolittle, the world of animal
    sounds is a Tower of Babel. An article
    about German and other animal noises.

Animal Links: Zoos and Animal Info

Tiere - MiniMemo
An animal picture "concentration" game for kids, plus other games. Match the animal pairs... and can you name each animal in German? From the great Blinde Kuh site (lots of cool German stuff for kids).

Arche Online - Tierenzyklopädie
"Zur Zeit sind bereits über 160 Tierarten an Bord, die sich neben den Beschreibungen mit über 400 Bildern vorstellen. Natürlich hat Arche Online weiterhin die Tore geöffnet und es werden weitere Tierarten an Bord genommen." Very good all-German animal (and plant) encyclopedia by Hans Henning Klein.

Info (in German) and pictures from the Hanover Zoo Web site.

Haie - Faszinierende Tiere
An interesting German site all about sharks - all 460 or so types.

Zoos in Deutschland - Germany's Zoos
Links to just about every zoo in Germany - from Aachen to Wuppertal! Also links for Austria and Switzerland.

Web site of the Augsburg zoo.

Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
This is the zoo in eastern Berlin (Friedrichsfelde).

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Hamburg's Hagenbeck Zoo is famous for its natural settings - also in English.

Berlin's zoo is right in the middle of former West Berlin - "Willkommen im artenreichsten Zoo der Welt."

Welche Kaulquappe ist das?
Amphibien in Deutschland. The German version of "Whose Tadpole Is It?"

German and Other Animal Sounds

Eine Giraffe
FOTO: Hannover-Zoo

Animal Sound Sites
A link list of many sound sites—from bats to whales. From NetVet.

Latin Animals and the Sounds They Make
An English-Latin matching quiz on animal names and sounds. From Curculio.org.

Macauly Library of Natural Sounds
A collection of over 110,000 natural sounds of not only birds, but insects, amphibians and mammals. From Cornell University's Institute of Ornithology.

All kinds of sounds of nature, but mostly birds.

Sounds of the World's Animals
A wonderful compilation of written and audio animal noises from around the world. You can select either a particular animal and its sound in many languages, or a single language and the various sounds that animals make in that language. Listen to audio of the actual sounds of many animals – in their own language! From Catherine Ball and the Dept. of Linguistics at Georgetown University.

Whale Sounds
Hear the sounds of humpbacks in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Whale sounds are often described as squawks, squeeks, cries, howls, whistles or songs. What do you think?

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