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German Translation 3


Translate between English and German
and Other Languages

TEXT: Type in the text or use your browser's copy/paste function to select, copy, and paste the text you wish to translate.

WEB PAGE: Type or paste the URL (Ex.: http://www.website.com) of the page that you wish to translate.

Languages available:
To/From: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Japanese (Shift JIS), Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Slovenian, Greek, Welsh.

Note: Perhaps because it offers so many language combinations, InterTran is one of the weaker translators (for instance, it does poorly with German adjective endings and word order), BUT it does offer the unique feature of letting you choose alternative translations for words/phrases in the translated result.

Warning! Achtung!
Computer translation, while helpful, is still in development.
Do not expect a grammatically accurate, polished translation.

For MORE about machine translation, see the RELATED LINKS below.

URL: InterTran - translate between 1482 language pairs - Translation by: www.tranexp.com

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