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German Words to Avoid - K

Inappropriate, Offensive, or Vulgar Words

A Special Slang Dictionary

An annotated German-English Glossary
of “bad” Words and Expressions

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ACHTUNG! WARNING! Some people may find the words and expressions in this German glossary objectionable. This is a special glossary of slang words and other expressions in German that need to be used with caution—or simply avoided.


die Kacke  caca, crap, sh--
   dann ist aber die Kacke am Dampfen = then the sh-- will really hit the fan
   die Flitzerkacke (teen slang)  the sh--s, diarrhea (der Durchfall)

kacken  to crap, poop, sh--

das Kamel (-e)  twit, fathead, moron

der Kameltreiber (-)  dirty Arab/Turk, wog (lit., camel driver)

der Kanake (-n)  perjorative term for Turks and other foreigners (sim. to "wop" or "polack")
die Kanakin (-nen)  female Turk or other foreigner
   See Feindgruppen for other ethnic slurs in German.

keusch  chaste

der Keuschheitsgürtel (-)  chastity belt

kesser Vater (KV)  dyke, butch lesbian

kiffen  to smoke pot/a joint; get high (on pot)

die Kiste  boobs, tits; (big) butt
   Die hat 'ne große Kiste. = She's got big tits.
   Note: In some regions, this can mean a "big butt" rather than boobs.

der Kitzler  clit, clitoris

die Klitoris  clitoris

der Klugscheißer  know-it-all, smart ass

knallen  to bang, screw

das Knie (-)  knee
   in die Knie gehen to go down on s.o., give s.o. a bl-- job
   jemandem einen blasen to give s.o. a bl-- job, go down on s.o.

der Knutschfleck (-en)  hickie, love bite

komisch  strange, odd, funny
   When talking about people, avoid this word for "funny" in the sense of comical. It can also mean "odd" or "strange" and might be misunderstood. A better word: lustig.

kommen  to come, have an orgasm

der/das Kondom  condom
   Also known by many slang terms: Gummi, Pariser, etc.


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GLOSSARY: German Words to Avoid

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