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Food and Drink Glossary

An Annotated Glossary for
Dining, Food and Drink: C-D-E

With Eating Phrasebook

Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13

Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

Noun genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Plural form/ending in parentheses: e Vorspeise (-n) = appetizer(s)
Abbreviations: adj (adjective), adv (adverb), n (noun), pl (plural), v (verb)

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cabbage r Kohl
  red cabbage r Rotkohl

cake r Kuchen (-), e Torte (-n)
cake knife r Tortenheber (-), e Tortenschaufel (-n)

can e Dose (-n)
  a can of beer eine Dose Bier
  beer can e Bierdose
  cola can e Coladose

caraway r Kümmel
  More: Seasonings: Herbs and Spices - English-German glossary

carbonated adj mit Kohlensäure
  non-carbonated adj ohne Kohlensäure

carob (bean), St. John's bread s Johannisbrot

carp r Karpfen (-)
  NOTE: Carp is a popular dish for Christmas in Germany.

carrot e Karotte (-n), e Möhre (-n) N. Germany

casserole, soufflé r Auflauf

catsup, ketchup r Ketchup, r Ketschup

cauliflower r Blumenkohl, r Karfiol (Austria, Bavaria)

celery e Sellerie

champagne r Champagner (from France), r Sekt (non-French)

check, bill e Rechnung (-en)
Check please! Zahlen bitte!

cheese r Käse (also see chart below)
cheeseburger r Cheeseburger (-)
cheese cake r Käsekuchen (-)

Cheeses - Käsesorten
Types of Cheese
English Deutsch
blue cheese r Blauschimmelkäse
r Edelpilzkäse
Cheshire r Chesterkäse
cottage cheese r Hüttenkäse
goat cheese r Ziegenkäse
Gorgonzolla r Schimmelkäse
Swiss cheese r Emmenthaler

chef, cook n r Koch/Chefkoch (Köche), e Köchin

chef salad r gemischte Salat

cherry e Kirsche (-n)
  Black Forest cherry cake e Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (made with Kirschwasser)

chestnut e Marone (-n)

chicken s Hähnchen, s Huhn
   a half chicken ein halbes Hähnchen
chicken s Hendl (Austria)
   roasted chicken s Backhendl

chicken breast e Hühnerbrust (-brüste)
chicken breast strips Hühnerbruststreifen pl
chicken soup e Hühnersuppe

chili (pepper, spice) r Chili
chili powder s Chilipulver
  MORE > Herbs and Spices - English-German glossary

chocolate e Schokolade

coconut e Kokosnuss

cod r Dorsch, r Kabeljau

coffee r Kaffee (-s)
   coffee with cream Kaffee mit Sahne
   coffee with sugar Kaffee mit Zucker
   decaf koffeinfreier Kaffee
coffee pot e Kaffeekanne (-n)

cognac, brandy r Kognak, r Weinbrand

cook, chef n r Koch (Köche), e Köchin (-nen)
cook, boil v kochen
cookie r Keks (-e)
cooking v s Kochen

Continued below chart...

Cooking Terms
Food Preparation
English Deutsch
baked (im Ofen) gebacken
boiled gekocht
cold kalt
fried frittiert
(deep) fried (in Fett) gebacken/frittiert
(pan) fried (in der Pfanne) gebacken/gebraten
hot heiß
hot (spicy) scharf
medium (done) halbdurch
rare englisch
well done durchgebraten
roasted gebraten
seasoned gewürzt
smoked geräuchert
steamed gedämpft
stuffed gefüllt
German Recipes
German Recipes - Kochrezepte

corn, maize r Mais
  Note: s Korn = grain, seed; r Korn = corn liquor
cornbread s Maisbrot
cornmeal s Maismehl
corn oil s Maiskeimöl

crab r Krebs (-e)

cranberry e Cranberry (-s), e Großfrüchtige Moosbeere (-n), e Kranbeere (-n) (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

The Preiselbeere or Kronsbeere (-n) (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) is a larger berry and has a different taste than cranberry.

German Thanksgiving dishes. An article:
Erntedankfest: Thanksgiving in Germany
English-German Thanksgiving Glossary

cream e Sahne (-n)
  whipped cream e Schlagsahne (-n)

cucumber e Gurke (-n)
   pickle, gherkin saure Gurke

cup e Tasse (-n)
  mug r Becher (-), r Krug (Krüge)
  saucer e Untertasse (-n)

currant (red, blue, white) e Johannisbeere (-n)

curry r/s Curry
  curried sausage e Currywurst

cutlery, flatware, silverware s Besteck
   fork e Gabel
   knife s Messer
   spoon r Löffel
QUIZ > German Photo Exercise: On the Table

cutlet, chop s Kotelett (-s), s Schnitzel (-)
  breaded veal cutlet s Wiener Schnitzel

Menu and Dining Guide
German-English menu terms


daily special(s) s Menü, s Tagesmenü

dark beer s Dunkelbier
   a dark beer ein Dunkles
   a lager/light beer ein Helles

decaf coffee koffeinfreier Kaffee (der)
decaffeinated adj entkoffeiniert, koffeinfrei

dessert r Nachtisch (-e), s Dessert (-s)

diet e Diät

dill r Dill

dinner, supper s Abendbrot, s Abendessen
dinnerware, dishes s Geschirr

dish (to eat) s Gericht (-e)
dish (plate) r Teller (-), e Schale (-n)
dish (serving) e Schale (-n)
dish (soup) e Schüssel (-)
dishes, china, dinnerware s Geschirr

Doboschtorte e Doboschtorte (a seven-layer cake with mocha cream)

doughnut, fritter r Krapfen (-)

dressing (salad) s Dressing (-s), e Soße (-n)

drink n s Getränk (-e)
drink v trinken (full conjugation)

dry (wine) adj trocken

duck e Ente (-n)
  wild duck e Wildente, e Flugente

dumpling r Knödel (-)


eel r Aal

egg s Ei (Eier)
   a hard-boiled egg ein hart gekochtes Ei
   a soft-boiled egg ein weich gekochtes Ei
   fried egg s Spiegelei
   scrambled egg s Rührei
   with ham mit Schinken
   with bacon mit Speck
egg cup r Eierbecher (-)

eggplant, aubergine e Aubergine

endive e Endivie (-n)

entrée, main course s Hauptgericht (-e), e Hauptspeise (-n)

escargot, snail e Weinbergschnecke (-n)


Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13 (Food and drink)

Food and Drink Glossary
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Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

MORE > German for Beginners: Lesson 13 - Food and drink
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