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Food and Drink Glossary

An Annotated Glossary for
Dining, Food and Drink: M-N-O

With Eating Phrasebook

Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13

Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

Noun genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Plural form/ending in parentheses: e Vorspeise (-n) = appetizer(s)
Abbreviations: adj (adjective), adv (adverb), n (noun), pl (plural), v (verb)

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margarine e Margarine

margarita (drink) r Margarita (-s)

marinade n e Marinade
marinaded, pickled adj eingelegt, mariniert

marmalade, jam e Konfitüre (-n), e Marmelade (-n)
  orange marmalade e Orangenmarmelade (-n)

mashed potato(es) s Kartoffelpüree

mayonnaise e Mayonnaise

meat s Fleisch
   beef s Rindfleisch beef
   pork s Schweinefleisch
   veal s Kalbfleisch
meat ball, rissole e Bulette (-n), e Frikadelle
meat balls Klopse (pl., N. Germany)
meat grinder r Fleischwolf

meatloaf r Hackbraten

medium (done) adj halbdurch, medium

melon e Melone (-n)

menu e Speisekarte (-n)
  MORE > Menu and Dining Guide - German-English menu terms

mild adj mild

milk e Milch
  condensed milk e Kondensmilch
milkshake r Milchshake (-s)

mineral water, bottled water s Mineralwasser

mint (plant) e Minze

mocha r Mokka

mug r Becher (-), r Krug (Krüge)

mulled wine r Glühwein - Recipe - Hot Mulled Wine

mullet (fish) e Barbe

mushroom r Pilz (-e)
mushroom (Austria) s Schwammerl (-), r Schwammerling
  button mushroom r Champignon (-s)
  chanterelle mushroom r Pfifferling (-e)

mussels Muscheln pl

mustard r Senf


napkin e Serviette (-n)
napkin ring r Serviettenring (-e)

nut e Nuss (Nüsse)
  peanut e Erdnuss
  hazel nut e Haselnuss
  walnut e Walnuss
nutcracker r Nussknacker (-)
nutmeg r Muskat


oat r Hafer
oatmeal (flakes) Haferflocken pl
oatmeal (flour) s Hafermehl

oil s Öl
oil and vinegar Öl und Essig

olive e Olive (-n)
olive oil s Olivenöl

onion e Zwiebel (-n)

open-faced sandwich belegtes Brot

orange e Apfelsine (-n), e Orange (-n)

order n e Bestellung
  made to order, on request auf Bestellung
order v bestellen

oyster e Auster (-n)


Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13 (Food and drink)

Food and Drink Glossary
A-B | C-D-E | F-G-H | I-J-K-L | M-N-O
P-Q-R | S-T | U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

MORE > German for Beginners: Lesson 13 - Food and drink
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