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Food and Drink Glossary

An Annotated Glossary for
Dining, Food and Drink: P-Q-R

With Eating Phrasebook

Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13

Also see:
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Noun genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Plural form/ending in parentheses: e Vorspeise (-n) = appetizer(s)
Abbreviations: adj (adjective), adv (adverb), n (noun), pl (plural), v (verb)

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partridge s Rebhuhn (-hühner)

pasta e Nudeln pl, e Teigwaren pl

pastry s Gebäck
pastry shop, cake shop e Konditorei

pay v zahlen, bezahlen
pay the bill/check e Rechnung bezahlen

pea e Erbse (-n)
pea soup e Erbsensuppe

peach r Pfirsich (-e)

peanut e Erdnuss (-nüsse)
peanut butter e Erdnussbutter

pear e Birne (-n)

pepper r Pfeffer
  red/green pepper r Paprika
peppercorn s Pfefferkorn
pepper steak s Pfeffersteak
peppery adj pfefferig, scharf (hot)

perch (fish) r Flussbarsch

pheasant r Fasan (-e or -en)

pickle, gherkin e Essiggurke (-n), e saure Gurke (-n)

pineapple e Ananas (-)

pita bread s Fladenbrot

potato e Kartoffel (-n), r Erdapfel (Erdäpfel) (Austria)
  baked potato e Folienkartoffel (-n)
  mashed potato s Kartoffelpüree

poultry s Geflügel

pumpkin, squash r Kürbis (-se)

punch (drink) e Bowle, r Punsch
   apple wine punch e Apfelwein-Bowle
   Berlin punch e Berliner Bowle

Berliner Bowle is a punch made of Berliner Weiße (wheat) beer and champagne.


quail e Wachtel (-n)

quince e Quitte (-n)
quince gelatine s Quittengelee
quince jam e Quittenmarmelade


rabbit s Kaninchen (-), r Hase (-n)
   rabbit stew r Hasenpfeffer

raisin e Rosine (-n)

raspberry e Himbeere (-n)
raspberry ice cream s Himbeereis
raspberry juice r Himbeersaft

ravioli Ravioli (only plural in German)
ravioli (Swabian style) e Maultasche (-n)

raw adj roh

restaurant s Restaurant (-s), e Gaststätte (-n)

rice r Reis

roasted/fried potato e Bratkartoffel (-n), Geröstete (Erdäpfel) (Austria)

roll (bread) s Brötchen (-), e Semmel (-n)

Brötchen/Semmeln: In southern Germany "rolls" are usually called Semmeln.

rum r Rum (-s)
rum pot r Rumtopf (-töpfe) = fruit soaked in rum for weeks or longer


Part of German for Beginners: Lesson 13 (Food and drink)

Food and Drink Glossary
A-B | C-D-E | F-G-H | I-J-K-L | M-N-O
P-Q-R | S-T | U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Also see:
Menu & Dining Guide | Phrasebook | Seasonings | Stores & Shopping

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