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Vornamenlexikon 2
German First Names Lexicon 2

Also see our English-German Genealogy Glossary and German Surnames Glossary

This is the Part 2 of our lexicon of German first names. Click on a hyperlinked name to learn more about its meaning and origins.

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German First Names - Vornamen
Symbols used: f. (feminine), m. (masculine), Gr. (Greek), Lat. (Latin), OHG (Old High German), Sp. (Spanish).
The gender of names is only indicated in cases where that may not be obvious.
Arabella f.
Origin uncertain
from Swedish
Berthold, Bertold, Bertolt
from OHG Berhtwald: beraht (splendid) + waltan (rule)
from OHG Erkenbald
Balder, Baldur m.
From Baldr, Germanic god of light and fertility
Berti m.
fam. form of Berthold
Armin m.
from Lat. Arminius (Hermann), who defeated the Romans in Germania in 9 A.D.
Balduin m.
from OHG bald (bold) + wini (friend). Related to Engl. Baldwin, Fren. Badouin
Björn m.
from Norwegian, Swedish (bear)
Arnd, Arndt, Arno m.
from Arnold
Along with Kaspar and Melchior, one the three Wise Men (Heilige Drei Könige)
Bodo, Boto, Botho m.
from OHG boto (messenger)
See comments below.
Barbara Boris
from Slavic, Russian
Arnold: A very old German male name from OHG arn (eagle) + waltan (to rule) = "he who rules like an eagle." Popular during the Middle Ages, the name later fell out of favor but returned in the 1800s. Famous Arnolds include: German author Arnold Zweig, Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg, and Austrian-American film actor/director and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnulf Beate, Beate f.
from Lat. beatus, happy. Popular German name in the 1960s and '70s.
Brigitte, Brigitta, Birgitta
Celtic name: "sublime one"
Artur, Arthur
from Engl. Arthur
Beatrix, Beatrice
related to Beate (above)
old German name meaning "brown (bear)"
Asta f.
from Anastasia/Astrid
Made famous by Asta Nielsen.
Benno, Bernd m.
short form of Bernhard
Burk, Burkhard
from OHG burg (castle) + harti (hard)
Astrid f.
bero (bear) + harti (hardy)
Carl, Karl
The c spelling of this form of Charles has been popular in German. See Karl.
August(in), Augusta
from Lat. Augustus
Bert, Berta
short form of names starting or ending with -bert
Related to Charles/Karl. Made popular by Queen Sophie Charlotte, for whom Berlin's Charlottenburg Palace is named.
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