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Vornamenlexikon (Hansd)

German First Names Lexicon

German-English Names Glossary: Hansd-Heinr

Also see our English-German Genealogy Glossary and German Surnames Glossary

This is the Hansd-Heinr section of our lexicon of German first names and their meanings.

Ab-Ant | Ara-Cha | Chl-Eri | Erk-Geo
Ger-Götz | Gra-Hans | Hansd-Heinr
More coming | Walb-Wern

German First Names - Vornamen
Symbols used: f. (feminine), m. (masculine), Gr. (Greek), Lat. (Latin), OHG (Old High German), Sp. (Spanish).
The gender of names is only indicated in cases where it may not be obvious.
Combination of Hans and Dieter
Low German masc. name derived from OHG Herwald: "army" (heri) + "rule" (waltan). Variations of Harold are found in many other languages: Araldo, Geraldo, Harald, Hérault, etc.
Hedwig f.
Old German name derived from OHG Hadwig ("war" + "battle"). The name gained popularity in the Middle Ages in honor of St. Hedwig, the patron saint of Silesia (Schlesien).
Hänsel, Hansel
So. German diminutive of Hans
Hartlieb m.
Old German name ("hard" + "love")
Heide, Heidi f.
Short form of Adelheid. See more below.
Heide/Heidi and its compound variations are dated feminine names. Some examples: Heidelinde, Heidemarie, Heiderose, Heidrun.
Combination of Hans and Georg
Hartmann m.
Old German name ("hard" + "man") popular in the Middle Ages. Rarely used today; more common as a surname. Famous German: The poet Hartmann von Aue (13th century).
Heike f.
Short form of Heinrike (fem. form of Heinrich; see Heiko below). Heike was a popular German girl's name in the 1950s and '60s. This Friesian name is similar to Elke, Frauke, and Silke - also fashionable names at the time.
Hansi (1) f.
Nickname for Johanna
Hartmut m.
Old German name ("hard" + "sense, mind")
Heiko m.
Friesian nickname for Heinrich ("strong ruler" - "Henry" in English). More under Heinrich below.
Hansi (2) m.
Nickname for Hans, Johann(es)
Hartwig m.
Old German name ("hard" + "battle")
Famous German: CDU member of parliament (MdB) Hartwig Fischer.
Heil- is a name prefix meaning "healthy, well." Examples: Heila (f.), Heilgard (f.), Heilke (f.), Heilko (m.), Heilmar (m.), Heilmut (m.), Heilo (m.), Heilwig (m. or f.)
Combination of Hans and Joachim
Hartwin m.
Old German name ("hard" + "friend")
Heim- is a name prefix meaning "home, house." Examples: Heima (f.), Heimbrecht (m.), Heimerich (m.), Heimfried (m.), Heimo (m.), Heimke (f.), Heilo (m.), Heimo (m.)
Combination of Hans and Jürgen
Hasso m.
Old German name derived from "Hesse" (Hessian). Once used only by nobility, the name is today a popular German name for dogs. Famous German: Hasso Plattner (1944- ), billionaire co-founder of SAP.
Hein m.
North/Low German nickname for Heinrich. The old German phrase "Freund Hein" = death.
Harald m.
Borrowed (since early 1900s) Nordic form of Harold
Famous German: TV talkshow host Harald Schmidt
Hauke m.
Friesian nickname for Hugo and names with the Hug- prefix.
20th century male name formed from Heinrich + Friedrich.
Friesian form of the masc. name Herbert
Hedda, Hede f.
Borrowed (1800s) Nordic name, a nickname for Hedwig. Famous German: Author, poet Hedda Zinner (1905-1994).
Originally a nickname for Heinrich, today it is an unflattering term used to refer to a "goofball" or "moron."
Hard, Hardi/Hardy, Hardo m.
Short form of names with the Hart- prefix or the hard- suffix (Hartmut, Gerhard)
Famous German: Film star Hardy Krüger
Old German male name based on OHG "Heimerich" and "Haganrich" with the basic meaning of "strong ruler." See more below.
More about Heinrich: As with "Henry" in English, this German name has long been popular for kings and commoners alike. The German expression "Hinz und Kunz" (every Tom, Dick, and Harry) reflects how common the name is ("Hinz" is a form of Heinrich; "Kunz" is short for Konrad). Examples: Heinrich der Löwe (King Henry the Lion), Heinrich Heine (poet), Heinrich Schliemann (archaeologist), Heinrich Mann (author), Heinrich Böll (author).
German First Names:
Ab-Ant | Ara-Cha | Chl-Eri | Erk-Geo
Ger-Götz | Gra-Hans | Hansd-Heinr
More coming | Walb-Wern

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