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World Time Clock
Current Local Times in Germany and Europe

Wieviel Uhr ist es in Deutschland?
What time is it in Germany?

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Most of the world outside the U.S. uses 24-hour time, including Germany and Europe.
PM times are 12.01 (12:01 pm) to 23.59 (11:59 pm). Midnight is 0.00.

Sommerzeit (Daylight Saving Time, DST)
DST in Germany (die Sommerzeit) and the EU begins on the last Sunday in March.
In North America DST used to begin on the first Sunday in April. In 2007 DST starts on March 11.

Die Zeit in Deutschland und Europa

Click on one of Web links below to see the time in Germany and Europe. Also see the related pages below that.

WEB > European Time Zones - Illustrated map with the current time from worldtimezone.com

WEB > SunClock (worldtimezone.com)

WEB > Berlin - Time, Date, Weather (timeanddate.com)

See: Royal Observatory Greenwich (National Maritime Museum)

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