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German Word of the Day

For Beginners - Wort des Tages für Anfänger

Also see: Wort des Tages (Intermediate/Advanced)

Das Wort des Tages - Beginners: This collection of daily vocabulary is designed for basic beginners. In addition to this month's words you can find previous words in the Index. Select any available date or word to see the definition of that Beginners German Word along with sample sentences in German and English. In Germany and Europe a calendar week begins on Monday (MO, Montag).

Also see: Der Tipp des Tages (Learning Tip of the Day) - Tip Index

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AUDIO: See MP3 audio for words marked "A" on this page!

Beginners’ Words | February 2008
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A = Audio (mp3)

Februar 2008 März 2008
MO 25 dünn MO 3 Reise A
DI 26 heiraten DI 4 Scheibe A
MI 27 ungefähr MI 5 Sonne A
DO 28 Flughafen DO 6 lecker A
FR 29 Vorteil FR 7 schlafen A
SA 1 Wochenende SA 8 Internationaler Frauentag
SO 2 Wochenende SO 9 Wochenende
More Words > Beginners’ Word Index

März 2008 Wörter 2007-2008
MO 10 unterschreiben A Früher: October 2007
DI 11 Himmel A Früher: November 2007
MI 12 Frage A Früher: December 2007
DO 13 krank Früher: January 2007
FR 14 Gemüse Früher: February 2007
SA 15 Wochenende SA 22 Wochenende
SO 16 Wochenende SO 23 Ostern / Easter
More Words > Beginners’ Word Index

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