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Daily German Vocabulary

Word | Quote | Lesson of the Day

Vocabulary Builders for German-Learners

Daily German

German Word of the Day - Beginners
Daily basic German vocabulary for beginners.

German Word of the Day - Advanced
Daily German for intermediate or advanced learners. Wort des Tages.

German Quote of the Day - Zitat des Tages
Not one, but two daily quotations in German.

German Lesson of the Day - Lektion des Tages
A randomly selected German lesson from our German for Beginners course.

More German Vocabulary Resources

German Glossaries: A-Z Index
A full alphabetical index of the many topics for our English-German and German-English glossaries.

German Vocabulary Flashcards
Online flashcards for German vocabulary—from business to the signs of the zodiac.

German Word Games
Learn vocabulary by playing concentration, hangman, and other word games for German.

German Verbs - Verb-Lexikon
A guide to 500+ German verbs, many with full conjugations in all tenses.

History - Geschichte
History in German. Deutsche und Weltgeschichte auf Deutsch.

Idioms and Proverbs
An English-German glossary of sayings, expressions, and proverbs.

German for Beginners
Our free online course for learning German.

Test Your Vocabulary
Exercises, quizzes and tests for German grammar and vocabulary.

Wörter des Jahres
The German Words of the Year (1998-2005), as selected by the German Language Society (GfdS).

German Vocabulary Newsletters

Wortschatz 1 Newsletter
A free weekly vocabulary newsletter for learning German.

German for Beginners Lessons
Weekly course newsletter for the first five weeks.

German for Travelers Newsletter
A special six-week course for Reisende.

More Newsletters for German

MORE > Glossaries - English-German and German-English

More Glossary and Grammar Topics

German Dialects
If you step off the plane in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland for the first time, knowing nothing about German dialects, you're in for a shock! An article about dialects in German.

German Grammar
A list of our grammar references—by topic, from adjectives to verbs. It's sometimes difficult to draw a clear line between grammar and vocabulary.

German Newsletters
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German Chat

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