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Wort des Tages - Anfänger

German Word of the Day for Beginners

With Sample Sentences in German and English

irgend (adv)  at all
irgend- (prefix)  any-, some-
  irgendein(e/em/en/er) any, some, irgendeinmal some time, irgendetwas / irgendwas anything, something, irgendwann any time, some time, irgendwer / irgendjemand anybody/anyone, somebody/someone, irgendwie somehow, irgendwo anywhere, somewhere

Haben Sie noch irgendeinen Wunsch?
Would you like anything else?
Wir müssen das irgendeinmal / irgendwann tun.
We'll have to do that some time.
Kommt irgendwer mit?
Is anybody coming along?
Die Wahrheit ist irgendwo da draußen. ('Akte X')
The truth is out there. [...somewhere out there.] ('The X-Files')

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