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Image Gallery: Germanic Typefaces
Sample Letter: Der Bormannerlass

“The Bormann Decree” banning the use of the Fraktur typeface

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Acting on orders from Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann issued a decree banning the use of die sogenannte gotische Schrift (Fraktur) typeface in this memorandum (Rundschreiben) dated 3 January 1941. Ironically, the letterhead on the Bormannerlass is in Fraktur type. Like so many other Nazi statements, Bormann's letter is talking utter nonsense when it refers to Fraktur as Schwabacher Judenlettern (Schwabach Jewish letters). The claim that Fraktur had Jewish origins is historically inaccurate. Also see the English translation (and German text) of this facsimile.

Der Bormannerlass - Bormann Decree

English Translation
with German text

WEB > Munich and the Nazis
WEB > Der Völkische Beobachter - Nazi newspaper in Fraktur (images & text)

MORE > German Typefaces: The Battle Between Antiqua and Fraktur (article)

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