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Fotogalerie • German Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs related
to German language and culture

Photos: Austria • Germany

See the following categories below:

Featured 1: Berlin: Christmas (Weihnachten)
Featured 2: "The Third Man" in Vienna - location photos


Kafka + Prag

Bavaria - Bayern
Bavarian May poles, the pope's birthplace, and other photos taken in Germany's largest Bundesland (state), including Munich, the Bavarian capital.

Photos of Germany's capital city, including Christmas in Berlin.

Berlin: Christmas (Weihnachten) New
Photos of Christmas in the German capital.

Views of this North German city-state, once part of the Hansa or Hanseatic League.

Dessau (das Bauhaus)
Photos of the two German Bauhaus cities, Dessau and Weimar, including the Bauhaus buildings and Goethe's Gartenhaus.

Hamburg (Freie Hansestadt Hamburg)
Photos of this important harbor and city-state, once part of the Hansa or Hanseatic League.

Photos of the 2004 Chattreffen in Kassel, Germany. Our German chatters meet face-to-face.

Images of the smaller Hansestadt, less than an hour's drive from Hamburg.

Marktl am Inn, Bavaria
Photos of the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Photos of the Bavarian capital.

Various views of this picturesque German town in North Rhine Westphalia and its moated palace.

Prague - Prag - Praha
Images of Franz Kafka's Prague.

Salzburg auf Deutsch
Photos of Austria's famous city of Mozart and "The Sound of Music." (Chattreffen 2003)

Stadtmus.Read a dual-language version
of The Bremen Town Musicians
in German and English.
PHOTOS > Bremen
Foto: Hyde Flippo

Thal bei Graz
Views of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian hometown.

Views of Weimar's Theaterplatz, the Bauhaus Museum, and Goethe's Gartenhaus.

Photos of the Chattreffen 2000 in Würzburg, Germany.

Vienna 1
Photos of the Riesenrad (giant Ferris wheel) in the Prater amusement park, by day and night.

Vienna 2
A look at The Third Man film classic and Vienna - walking tours.


The photographs in this gallery are copyrighted. Unless noted otherwise, all photos are copyright © Hyde Flippo. They are intended for individual, private use only. Students may use them for homework assignments only if proper credit is included ("Photo copyright © Hyde Flippo/About.com - Used by permission"). Any other use, in print or electronic, requires the express written permission of the author.

MORE PHOTOS are added regularly. This gallery collection continues to grow. Watch for more photos and English/German information!


Am Telefon Vocabulary!
Using a telephone in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.

An der Tankstelle Vocabulary!
At the gas station. Views of typical German signs, gas pumps, etc.

Christmas - Weihnachten
Christmas sights at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz.

Fraktur - Gothic Type
Images of various blackletter, German type, or Gothic type—commonly referred to as Fraktur.

Signs Vocabulary!
Typical signs you'll see in German Europe—some of them essential to your survival!

A German Wedding Car
Nordkirchen Palace is a popular spot for weddings.

Muttertag - Mother's Day
Austrian store windows for Mother's Day.

TV Weather Vocabulary!
German weather forecasts and related TV images. Part of Lesson 20 - Das Wetter.


German Roots: Fotos
Photographs of locales and genealogical documents found in the German town of Schlitz (Hesse). Part of the article German Roots: A Personal Search by your Guide.


Foto Exercise: Numbers
A photo exercise that helps you practice your numbers with a self-scoring quiz.

Foto Exercise for Beginners
Can you answer these cultural questions based on the photos in this exercise? In English.

Intermediate Foto Exercise
Similar to the "Beginners" exercise above, but in all German.

Fotoübung: Der gedeckte Tisch
Can you identify the objects on the table - in German? A photo exercise from Lesson 13 of German for Beginners.

Greetings and Postcards
Send a free German e-card to anyone with an email address.

TV Weather
German weather forecasts and related TV images. Part of Lesson 20 - Das Wetter.

MOVIE LOCATION PHOTOS in Germany and Austria

Aeon Flux in Berlin
A pictorial guide to the Berlin locations seen in the Hollywood sci-fi film Aeon Flux (2005) starring Charlize Theron. The film, set in "ein Berlin der Zukunft" (a Berlin of the future), features modern and classical architecture found all over Berlin.

Lola Locations - Berlin
If you've seen the German movie Run Lola Run (Lola rennt) and wondered where they filmed those scenes, here's a virtual tour of the Berlin shooting locations.

BOURNE in Berlin
A detailed look at the Berlin locations used in the film The Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damon and Franka Potente (Lola rennt).

The Third Man in Vienna
A look at the Vienna locations used in the film The Third Man with Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. Part of the Vienna Walking Tours.


   Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hometown (Thal bei Graz)
   Sigmund Freud in Vienna and London
   Franz Kafka's Prague
   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Weimar
   Pope Benedict - Marktl am Inn - The pope's birthplace in Bavaria
   Friedrich von Schiller in Weimar

Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss
Profiles of noted personalities from German-speaking Europe.

Wer bin ich?
Also see our biographical Ratespiele that invite you to guess who a famous (or not-so-famous) person is, based on the (German) clues given. Some with photos.

German for Beginners
Our free online German course.

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